To Love A Selkie

Book Cover Image: To Love A Selkie, byBrandi Kennedy
Released: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
A nasty divorce sends Annie Jacobs running. Fear of change and embarrassment over her ex-husband’s infidelity drive her to the shores of Bar Harbor, Maine. Living alone in a whole new town, Annie takes time away from her work and everything she’s ever known, to regain some of her confidence and begin to build a new life. A life that nearly comes to a crashing halt in the brutal waves of the ocean.

Breathing what will surely be her last, Annie prepares for a lonesome death, trapped among the rocks of the shore as the tide rolls in around her. Instead, she finds rescue in the strong arms of a mysterious man who seems to appear from the very waves themselves. He pulls her to the surface, and in the coming weeks they form an inseparable bond despite Malik’s air of mystery.

Drawn together by the circumstance of an ancient legend, will they survive the truth of his existence? Or will Malik’s reality tear them apart forever?

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