Sunday, December 23, 2012

Unexpected Fun With The Review Process

To Love A Selkie is my first novel - but it isn't just the first novel I've taken the initiative to publish. It truly is my first novel.

It's the first time I ever wrote anything from beginning to end, and also the first time I touched on the fantasy element that seems so popular these days. I'm rather proud of it, as it was truly a challenge to my skill as a writer, and finishing it was literally a childhood dream come true.

However, as I'm now writing my second novel, I can look back at Selkie and see a lot of growth in my writing style already. Even I like the second book much better - and for those who are interested, I expect to release this second book sometime in February, and it's the first of what I expect to be a really fun romantic series!

In the meantime, I'm in the midst of my introduction to the public review process, and even though it's hard on the ego, I already love it. I've gotten a little insight into what other people see when they read my work, and how that insight differs from what I can see in my mind while I'm writing.

*  *  *

I'd like to just take the time right now to thank everyone who has purchased and downloaded my book, with special thanks to anyone who takes the time to leave a review. Thank you so much - to those who stroked my ego, and to those who thickened my skin! All of you are a great help to me as an indie author, and I greatly appreciate the time you spent to leave your feedback!

Happy reading!

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