Interview with Brenna O'Connor, From To Love A Selkie

Sitting here, looking into the blue eyes of Brenna O'Connor, I remember the bits and pieces of her story, pieces that I learned myself through the voice of Annie Jacobs. As we talk about Annie, Brenna is once again touched by the pain of grief and the shock of loss. When she is ready, we begin.

Brandi; "What was it like for you, moving to America and then experiencing such loss when your husband died?"

Brenna; "It was exciting, and dramatic, and just totally crazy. Thomas had a lot to teach me, and even though I miss Ireland terribly, I love it here in Bar Harbor. I miss him, though. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to move past the grief."

Brandi; "You were very proud of him, weren't you?"

Brenna; "Oh, I was. He was like an old fashioned hero; giving up so much of his time and his life to help those in need. I mean, he loved the travel and the adventure, mucking through wild countries and learning all the new customs. But he lived for the sick; it was just who he was. And then just suddenly, he was gone. I'm still very proud of his memory; he was my best friend."

Brandi; "Was it hard for you to reach out of the grief and start the friendship between yourself and Annie Jacobs?"

Brenna; "It was. I remember being terrified she'd think I was insane, reaching out to a perfect stranger like that. And then to find she was a famous author; it would have been so easy for her to brush me off as a wild fan playing pretend or something, you know? But she didn't, she was kind and easy going. It was Annie who made the friendship, not me."

Brandi; "What's it like, being friends with her?"

Brenna; "She is an amazing person to be friends with, open and funny, smart and energetic. She's always up for a talk, always willing to be there for me, right from the beginning. Meeting Annie was like suddenly finding out I'd had a sister I hadn't known about."

Brandi; "What about Malik?"

Brenna; "Oh, he's really something. That dark hair, and his eyes ... like gorgeous little pools. You could just fall right in; he's mesmerizing. And he loves Annie so deeply. Honestly, I worried things might be too fast - but watching them together, I was just so happy for her. He stepped up right from the beginning, to show her that he wanted to be there for her, to be someone she could depend on. And I loved that for her, after the way things had gone in her divorce."

Brandi; "What about the whole Selkie thing? What was it like for you, knowing what he was?"

Brenna; "You know, I really can't say much, other than how odd it was for something like that to happen. We always think extraordinary things can only happen to other people, and there he was, fresh from the ocean, so to speak, and so adoring of Annie."

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Edited to add: To Love A Selkie is no longer available for sale. TLAS has now been absorbed into Selkie, the first book in the Selkie Trilogy.