Friday, January 18, 2013

The Race Is On!

Yesterday, I posted about a little game I'm playing with the fans on the Facebook page. Part one of the game required people to go click "like" on a Facebook status on my page that said,

Today, I had a reader ask me to release Fat Chance early. So I've been cooking up an early release plan ... but it all depends on you guys! Here's step one ... ten likes on THIS status begins the Fat Chance early release process!!

We are now on stage two of the game, which is to go to my page and vote for what you want next from the Fat Chance release! The vote is on until noon today (eastern time), and the choices are:
  1. a peek at the cover design of the book, or
  2. a third excerpt, to appear here on the blog.
Excerpt #1 and Excerpt #2 are already up, so go vote! After that, take part in step three, which is the final step of the Fat Chance early release game!

What's part three?
Well, part three is fairly simple. What you need to do is go to my Facebook page (linked above) and click that like button. Then share my page to your page and invite all your romance-loving Facebook friends to click that like button, too. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, wherever!

When we hit sixty page likes on my Facebook author page, I'll go ahead and trigger the early release of Fat Chance, the first book from my new Kingsley Series!

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