Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prescription For Love Excerpt!

** just a little fun I've been having **
a sneak peek at what's going on with book two of the Kingsley Series,
Prescription For Love

"I know you'll be careful with me, that this will never go anywhere I don't want it to go." His breath tickled her cheek as she tipped her head and kissed the square edge of his jaw.

"God, Cameron," he whispered, his breath catching and then spilling out in a rush. Realizing how tightly he was clenching her hips, he forced his fingers to loosen, and dipped his head to press his forehead to hers. "You'd better go inside," he gasped. "There's a monster in your driveway that wants to devour you."

She laughed. "He won't," she said, "I know he won't. He's a pussycat. Still, I'll go on, just in case." She touched the tip of her tongue to the corner of his mouth, running it along the curve of his bottom lip, tasting him as he stood desperately rigid against her. Pressing one last kiss to his mouth, she turned and walked to her door.

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