Monday, March 11, 2013


Have you checked out the Kingsley Keeper Party here on the blog?
If not, you should.

If you aren't the type to remember to check a page without some sort of reminder, that's covered too, with the following two options.
One, go click "join" at the Kingsley Keeper Party event page on Facebook.
Or two, simply click "follow" in the widget on the right sidebar.

The party is to help promote the coolness of Fat Chance, book one of the Kingsley Series, AND to promote the upcoming second book in the series, Prescription For Love, which will release in April 2013. But that's not the fun part, the fun part is that there are games. And prizes. And you can enter win.

The winner of yesterday's game was DANA FETTERS!
The answer to "Name That Tune" was "Oh Mother" by Christina Aguilera.

Today's Kingsley Keeper Party game is called "Cross-Guesser"
Give it a try below!
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