Sunday, March 3, 2013

FaceBook Mad Libs #1

A Love Letter To My Love
A Facebook Mad Lib

The following love letter is the result of a wild crazy game played by the fans over on facebook who are attending the Kingsley Keeper Giveaway Party. Want to play too, and possibly even win some cool prizes? Come on over, click like on my facebook page, click join on the party page, and play along!

Already playing and having a blast? Share. Invite your friends to play upcoming games, too.

And now, the results of the mad lib.


Dear MuffinWuffin:
I woke up at breakfast time, and my lips swelled at the thought of you. You are not only cheesy, but very troublesome, and it makes me feel ecstasy. Every time I scratch, my butt begins to chase.

I can't wait until Sunday night. I have a feisty surprise for you. It is filthy, grungy, and very gamey. I hope you will slurp it.

I will be wearing the cerulean thigh highs that you gave me last May. I know how much you love to lick me in them.

Hugs and kisses,
Your favorite Honey Bear

The winning word choosers for this mad lib are:
  • Jessica Schmidt (muffinwuffin)
  • Lauren Bearzatto (breakfast)
  • Dana Fetters (lips)
  • Jenny Lynn Weyer (cheesy)
  • Amanda Jones (troublesome)
  • Brandy Roark Dorsch (ecstasy)
  • Jessica Johnson (scratch)
  • Dana Fetters (butt)
  • Jeanette Jeno (chase)
  • Jessica Schmidt (Sunday)
  • Amanda Jones (feisty)
  • Lauren Bearzatto (filthy)
  • Jessica Johnson (grungy)
  • Amber Sprouse (gamey)
  • Jenny Lynn Weyer (slurp)
  • Dana Fetters (cerulean)
  • Crystal Lehmann (thigh highs)
  • Melissa Williams Brown (May)
  • Lauren Bearzatto (lick)
  • Lauren Bearzatto (Honey Bear)

Thanks for playing, everyone! There were 20 blanks in this mad lib, so I hit and asked for a number from 1-20. I was given number nineteen, which means we have a bumper sticker winner! The winner chosen to receive an awesome Fat Chance bumper sticker designed by the wildly talented Heidi Hoffmann is ... Lauren Bearzatto!


  1. OMGeeee that's hilarious! That was fun! Thanks! :)

  2. LOL,Love it that is hilarious!!! Congrats Lauren Bearzatto

  3. I'm so glad you all had fun with this!! I had a lot of fun myself, watching it all come together! Big thanks to everyone who played and showed their support!


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