Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Tour Draws Near!

As the Fat Chance book tour draws close, I'm getting more and more excited! I've also finalized the release plan for Prescription For Love, the second book in the Kingsley Series, and as the editing draws to a close I'm taking steps toward the beginning of the third book in the Kingsley Series!!

Fat Chance focused on the story of Cass Keaton and Andrew Kingsley, a couple joined by sad circumstances, broken by the depressing power of human reaction to negative feedback. Cass is a fat girl, plain and simple. She's beautiful but she doesn't see it; she's funny and smart and sweet, but all she can see when she stares into her reflection is fat. It doesn't help that her negative self-image is fed by the force of someone else's bitterness.

Will Cass find her way out of the pit of depression
and into the arms of a good man?

Prescription For Love is the story of another Kingsley, Cameron. She's got a lot of reasons to run from relationships, a lot of reasons to be afraid to let go. But there's a man who wants to show her another way, another life. One that includes trust, love, and a few other things she definitely wasn't expecting.

Cameron has been living under the weight of her
troubled past for so long. Will she ever be able to move on?

Hahaha, you didn't think I was going to tell ALL my secrets yet, did you?? Stay tuned ...

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