Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Because It Matters

One of the things authors treasure most is the reviews. They can be good or they can be bad, but they are important either way. They matter when it comes to whether or not you are successful, because word-of-mouth advertising is just as important in the writing business as it is in most others. When someone tells you they loved a certain movie, and if you trust their judgement, then it makes you curious. Then you are more likely maybe, to go and watch that movie. This works with books, too ... if your best friend just read a book and is raving about how awesome it is, you have a much greater chance of picking it up yourself, even if you would never have heard of it otherwise. I myself have recommended books to people knowing that it wasn't their preferred genre, simply because I so loved the book.

For indie authors, this is especially important because we depend on that word-of-mouth to help us advertise ourselves and our work. We don't have a publishing company working for us, and we don't have an agent working to help sell our books. Other than the obvious benefits garnered from simple networking and making friendships, many of us are quite literally on our own when it comes to marketing.

This means that getting people to read and publicly review our work
as much and as often as possible can make or break our dreams as writers.

It's why we tell everyone we know when there's a new review.
It's why we want it posted everywhere it can possibly be posted.
It's why they mean so very much to us that we often give our books away in exchange for a coveted review.

It's why people like this mean so much to the writing community.

Thanks, Penelope, for being the newest public reviewer of Fat Chance.
I found your words incredibly touching, and I am so moved that you
felt it was worth the elusive FIVE stars at

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