Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stop Number Thirteen

I find that the reviews never get old. Good or bad, they never get old. Each time, there's the same sense of anticipation as you wait for the page to load, the same nervousness as you scroll through the post looking for what you really came for: the review. I go back later and read the posts, look at what else is there and what all is said, but first and foremost, I'm always looking for the review.

Did they like it? Hate it? Did they find it relate-able? What did they like or dislike? Were the characters "weak?" Were the men "too perfect?" Was the plot strong enough to carry itself?

These are the constant thoughts as the blog page loads.
Then it's done, and then I'm scrolling, and then I've found it. 
So I close my eyes, just like I did with every other review that came before.
I take a deep breath. Just like I did with every other review that came before.
And then I read.

I soak it all in, good or bad, and I use that particular experience to try to learn something new. I take the negative feedback and try to let it grow my skill as a writer instead of letting it murder my confidence. I take the positive feedback and I use it as a fresh new brick in the wall of my confidence, so it can hold up the concept that I am a writer, I am an author! 

And as scary as it is sometimes to be that fresh new indie author, I'm beginning to feel like I've dipped the edge of a spoon into the ice cream carton of success.
And I'm licking it.
And it's sweet.
And it's delicious.
And I love it.
Every second of it.

Thanks, Brandy (same names!! so neat!!), for the awesome review over at

I also had an awesome time answering the interview questions!

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