Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Because 140 Characters Is Too Short.

I've been having a ton of fun looking for writing prompts and random thoughts on the little Twitter list of trends. I've found some really funny things on there, some really stupid things on there, and some really shocking things on there. I've also found tons of places where I had to sit back and say to myself,

"Well, that is just SO me."

Today, I did a little trend tweet. I tweeted for #iCanAdmit, where I said, "Because it's trending and so me: #iCanAdmit that I'm just a regular girl with worries/insecurities ... and I still think about 'what if.'"

Which is absolutely, one hundred thousand percent true. Want some proof??

I also tweeted for #WorstCarIEverHad, where I said, "The #WorstCarIEverHad? A Buick Century that leaked through the door gasket and was 89 shades of gray."

That car was horrible. And the thing is, it didn't just leak through the door gasket. Something in the frame of the car was a bit bent, I think, and there was literally a gap between the door and the frame of the car, over on the driver's side of the windshield. You could pass a cheeseburger through the gap, so we couldn't take the car through a car wash, and heaven forbid if you had to drive it in the rain. We kept a towel in the car, and if it rained, you had to take the towel and stuff it in the gap over the door to keep the water from pooling at your feet while you drove!

The car was 89 shades of gray long before it was even cool to be "shades of gray," and it never worked for very long. The brakes were always bad, there was a horrible leak somewhere in the coolant system so eventually we just stopped pouring antifreeze in and just used water. The interior was wrecked, and the windows didn't roll up and down the right way. The front passenger window would roll up totally crooked because it was off track, so if you wanted it down, you had to roll it down with one hand and guide push it down with the other. And you'd better never roll it all the way down, because to get it back up you had to roll it up with one hand while pulling/lifting it with the other.

And that was the car I drove Josephine around in as a newborn.

But, hey, I was young. And at least I had a car right??
Tell me about yours in the comments.

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