Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's Your Pleasure?

I've spent a lot of time thinking about swag throughout my short (so far) career.

There's the obvious option for any person in any sort of business: the business card. I've got some, nothing fancy, and they don't match the red theme I seem to have fallen comfortably into. They're actually purple and white, and they come from such an early point in my career that they only list this blog, my facebook fan page, and my amazon author page, which lists my books and allows you to purchase them. Not very up to date, I suppose, but they do have the most relevant information, since anyone who knows of this site can find any of my others from here.

After that, because I'm a novelist, there's bookmarks. I've done both regular (2x6 inches) and large (4x8 inches, technically a "rack card"), and I prefer the large. They look so much nicer, they're easier to design because of the larger space, and they fit nicely into my 6x9 paperbacks. Plus, there's plenty of room to leave a little blank place for signing.

That's really the extent of the things that I've tried, but it's come to my attention that there might be people out there who want more. There are bookplates/stickers, buttons, postcards, so many different options!!

So here's my question to you, fans, and I'd 
love for you to comment here and tell me what you think:

If I decide to set up a sort of swag store or something like that, would you be into the idea?
And what would you most like to see available??

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