Monday, June 10, 2013

Fan-Choice, Song Lyric

On Fridays I like to let loose and have a little fun on Facebook. I've done hangman, crossword-puzzle-style hints, word scrambles, and even "caption this picture!" But last Friday I wanted to hear something from you. I wanted you to step in and inspire me.

So I asked for a song lyric and promised to turn those song lyrics into blog posts!

Lyric Number 1 was:
"All I wanna do is hold you tight, we're runnin' outta moonlight."
For those who don't know, the lyric is from Randy Houser's 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight'

~*~*~ my thoughts ~*~*~

I don't think I'd really heard this song before, but I like it. When you listen to the song, it's got a good sort of party feel, and would be fun to dance to. It's got just the right mix of country and sexy for me!

But then I went and read the lyrics. Wow, what a sweet song. And better yet, what a sweet guy! Who doesn't love a guy who says, "Don't you worry 'bout gettin' fixed up, when you wake up, you're pretty enough?" I love that line especially from the song, and I loved the song right from that first line.

The song describes a sweet date, a man who just wants some alone time with his girl in the middle of nowhere. And I like this video too ... don't you?

Thanks to Karey Smith for sharing the lyric to a great new song with me!! 

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