Words, A Poem

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copyright 2013, Brandi Kennedy
"As writers, we do write for ourselves, because we need to – because it's a burning desire inside us and we can't not write – but we also want to be recognized for our work, for our passion, for the journey of our imaginations. We all deserve the chance to step out into the world, where we will either succeed or fail. But at least people will have a chance to read what we've worked so hard to create." --Patti Davis


They flow like blood from a wound,
Vapors from the depth of a dream.
They ebb like the tides,
And flood with the violence of a storm.

They build;
Letter by letter they become the unexpected,
the unexplained, the simple magazines that we browse
the emotionally charged books that we devour.


We take them in,
we absorb them, grow by them,
we become what we are, because of what they are
developing like film under their power.

They make us weak, make us strong,
They freeze us, warm us.
They break us down, build us up.
They make or break the spirit.