"Isn't It Grand?" Excerpt

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Isn't It Grand?
copyright 2013, Brandi Kennedy

"I'm here ..." I breathed in the cinnamon-scented air, took in the glory of the Christmas tree beside the fireplace, and turned quietly to smile at the delightfully elderly doorman. “I’m finally here!”

“Yes, it appears that you are,” he answered, smiling back at me, his dark eyes warm and friendly as they vanished in a sea of wrinkles. “I take it you’ve been wanting to come for some time?” His voice was weathered but smooth, and he watched my face with a certain pride as I nodded silently, still gazing around the beautifully decorated lobby. He waited for me to take in the beauty of the opulent hotel, and when I turned back to him at last, he signaled the two young men standing in the shadows beside the door. They stepped forward at exactly the same time, and I realized with surprise that they were twins.

The first of the two met my eyes with a secretive smile, his amusement only faltering slightly as he bent to the job of moving my bags onto the shining luggage cart tucked into the corner; his brother stepped toward me with a much more open smile, offering his arm. "Come along with me, ma’am; I'll lead you to your suite."


Edited to add: Isn't It Grand has now been edited and revised, and has doubled in length. The above portion is only a small snippet of the 2400-word story, the whole of which is now available exclusively to my Patreon supporters. To view this story and others like it, please support my writing here. (December 2016)