Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Celebration!

The release of Fighting For Freedom was a big moment for me; somehow, it felt more real than any of my other books, it felt more meaningful, more exciting. I think that's just because it was a confirmation for me - I'm really in this for the long haul. Lots of people want to write, they long to pen that great novel or to be known for thinking up the next new craze. And that would be nice ...

But it isn't the ultimate goal. When I wrote my first novel and published it in December of 2012, I did it in complete terror. Not fear of failure, really, or fear of rejection by the public (To Love A Selkie actually was universally rejected for it controversially tragic ending. That original story has since been absorbed into Selkie, and is currently being written into a trilogy.). What paralyzed me, nauseated me, terrified me, was the possibility that that was all I had.

I remember talking on the phone to friends of mine, asking them, "What if this is all I've got? What if it's only the one book in there, and I can't do any more?" But then Fat Chance came to me, and I wrote it. And then Prescription For Love, and all along, Annie and Malik (from To Love A Selkie) wouldn't let me go. So I took them up again, ended up with Selkie. After that, I released Fighting For Freedom in August ...

And I celebrated a new top-selling month with my books. Now, I have to be clear here and say that I'm writing because I've always wanted to, and because I love it ... but let's just be honest with each other here. Any writer, every writer, has a secret dream of being able to live from that writing skill. We dream of being able to live well, because we love it enough to want it to be our lifeline. And just like with any other job, we celebrate the milestones. We jump for job when we get that first real, non-friend sale. The first really amazing review. Sometimes, even the first really bad one. We celebrate the first check coming in the mail, the first hundred dollars, the first hundred sales.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one who celebrates when one month is so great that it exceeds all of the others. For me, the new top month was August. And so, in happy thankfulness for the support of my fans, those people who buy my books, review them, and recommend them to their friends, I've been having a string of giveaways on Facebook ... one for every month that I've been an author. That's nine giveaways, and they aren't done yet, so if you'd like a chance to play, get on over to my facebook page! 

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