Thank You

So many good things have changed in my life since I first sat down and started writing To Love A Selkie in December 2012. I've made new friends, I've grown as a person - and, I hope, as a writer. I've learned a lot about networking and a good deal about business.

But I'm still learning how to talk to the right people in the right way, how to talk to people I don't know when they express interest in me or my work (because generally, I tend to be a bit introverted and a lot shy), and how to promote myself successfully. To that end, much of the progress I've made as an author is due to the support of the people who have fallen in love with my characters largely without my help. I am where I am because of the love of the people who have enjoyed my books enough to share them on the web, to tell their friends and families.

And I'm grateful. I don't even know how to express how much it means to me and how much hope I hold for my future in this crazy world of writing. But I can try.

By continuing to write new stories and create new characters my readers can fall in love with, learn with, and grow from knowing, I hope to express my thanks. Every word I write is for you, because every book sale and blog view is a blessing I hope to repay with the giving of myself.

My promise to you is that I'm here for the long haul. I hope you will be, too.