Friday, October 11, 2013

50 Random Things About Me, Part 3

For the past few days, I've been working on listing my 50 random things about myself. I've done the first set of ten things (1-10), and the second set of ten things (11-20), so today we're on to the next set.

  1. I am FRAGILE. Seriously, handle with care. Because in the spring of 2012, I broke my foot just by walking. I stepped my right foot over a baby gate, then stepped my left foot over -- and I ended up somehow breaking the fifth metatarsal of my left foot. Until that point though, I'd never broken anything. Hey, I made it to 28 years old though ...
  2. I have two brothers; one is older and one is younger. And I am almost exactly seven years in the middle.
  3. I am almost painfully shy in new situations, and I tend to end up looking standoffish. I have even backed out of doing things or going places because I was so anxious about the idea of being there and interacting with people that I didn't know.
  4. When I was really little, I was riding my bike and forgot how to work the brakes. They were the kind where you had to push the pedals backward, and I couldn't remember how to stop, so I had to stop by running into a tree and crashing my bike.
  5. I'm more than a little bit OCD. When I hang or fold clothes, they have to be a certain way. If someone else does it for me, I will thank them for their help, but then I will quietly redo the job. I also like to keep CD's and DVD's organized aphabetically, and my kitchen cupboards usually look like store shelves, with all the cans sorted and stacked and facing forward. Most of these things can be passed off as just being proof that I'm organized ... but I do have an odd thing about even numbers for things like volume and stuff. Example -- when I order chicken nuggets and they come in a five-pack, I will give one away instead of eating it.
  6. My dream vacation is a year-long, world-wide cruise. But only if there's a way for me to take my cell phone because ...
  7. I am addicted to my technology. I am on my cell phone constantly, and I use my bluetooth so much that I only take it out of my ear to sleep, shower, or charge it.
  8. Before I had my oldest daughter, I had my belly button pierced, but I had to take it out when I realized that I was pregnant and it was causing the piercing to not heal properly.
  9. I have the strangest dreams sometimes. Once, I dreamed that it was the apocalypse and I was with a bunch of friends, trying to find a place to hide safely from the government. Which might only have been "odd" -- until you factor in the fact that we were all various characters from My Little Ponies. And then it goes right past "odd" and hits "bizarre." My cousin Dana (who is also my editor), was Apple Jack.
  10. Speaking of Dana, since she lives in a small (REALLY SMALL) town in a county that's kind of backwoods and she loves it, but I'm thoroughly a big city girl at heart, we have a running joke where she is "Country Mouse" and I am "City Mouse."
...To Be Continued...

If you're enjoying my facts, tell me one of yours in the comments.
I'd love to hear something unique about you!

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