Monday, October 7, 2013

Kingsley Series, 2nd Editions

As I began the writing of Wrestling Harmony, I reread Fat Chance and Prescription For Love, planning to refresh my memory of the details and nuances of the characters involved. Also, while browsing around the web, my editor stumbled over the PERFECT background for the cover, which led to an entirely new idea for the look of the series. A new idea that fits the playful nature of the Kingsley family.

I got really excited about freshening and brightening up the black covers of the Kingsley series and putting something on them that better reflects the playful family feel of the books. I even designed several versions of the new idea, checking it out to see if it was really what I wanted to do. And I have a fresh new design that's unique and I love it. 

Like, I really, really love it.
Only one problem.

I like the black covers, too. On the e-books, they look just a bit plain ... just a bit ... boring. But on the paperback? They are very nice. I've been told that they look elegant in their simplicity. See?

And they really look beautiful sitting next to each other on a shelf.
But in the e-book format, they really are a bit plain-looking.

Once I'd made the new designs, though, I loved them enough that I want to make them available in paperback too. In surveying the people that I know, I found about half that prefer the simple, elegant look, and about half that prefer the new playful look.

What to do?
What to do?

In order to make both covers available in paperback, all of the Kingsley books will soon be available with BOTH covers, with the "2nd Edition" paperbacks featuring the new design on the outside, and fresh new edits on the inside. The e-book will be changed to feature the new design exclusively, and will also be updated to include the new edits.

What do you think, and which cover do you prefer?
Sound off in the comments below.

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