You Can Now Order Signed Paperbacks!

On a few occasions over the course of the last year, I've offered signed paperbacks as contest prizes, in contests of my own and as donations to contests for other people. I've even had a few people contact me to ask how they could purchase signed paperbacks of their own, sometimes because they didn't win, and other times simply because they wanted to.

And now, it's possible to order signed paperbacks of my books!

The books are $20 each, plus the cost of shipping, which can be ordered by filling out a simple form. Once the form is submitted, I'll email you a secure  invoice through paypal, which you can pay using your paypal account, your regular credit card, or your bank's check card. After your invoice is paid in full, I'll begin the process of ordering and shipping your book, and although the shipping process may take a few weeks, I'll keep you updated through the entire process, as follows:

  • I'll send you an email notification when I've received your payment and ordered your books.
  • I'll send a second email when your books arrive at my home, at this time, you can be assured that your books will be packaged and shipped as soon as possible.
  • I'll send one last email once your books have left my hands and entered the possession of the United States Postal Service. At this time, I will also post a "shoutout" on my facebook author page, letting you know that you can expect mail. If you are a facebook user, you can "like" or "share" your shoutout post to let me know you've seen it, or feel free to reply to any of my emails.

This last step isn't necessary, but would certainly be appreciated: once your books have arrived, please send an email to let me know your shipment arrived safely.

Ready to order your books?