Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is such a special day, isn't it? Flowers, and jewels, and candies, oh my. There are kisses and hugs and treats - and fights, if your significant other screws up! And even if you're single on this Valentine's day, you can snuggle up with an entirely different kind of love - the love of love.

The love of sweet romances, sexy stories, and hot, Hot HUNKS.

This year, there are a number of TNVAE authors who are celebrating this holiday by showing you some love, in the form of a major sale! Check out the listings below, and simply click any title that strikes your fancy. The links will take you directly to the book's amazon page, where you can one-click your heart's desire.

But don't forget to save a few pennies for me! You'll find links to two of my books at the bottom of the list.


Alice Montalvo-Tribue -- Translation of Love / Desperation of Love
Andrea Smith -- Maybe Baby Lite / Diamond Girl
Ashley Piscitelli -- Surrender to Me
B. N. Toler -- Healer
Bayli Lane -- Becoming More
Brooke Cumberland -- Kitchen Promises
Casey Peeler -- No Turning Back
Chandin Whitten -- Beautiful Goodbye / Beautiful Misery
Christy Dilg -- Forbidden Forever
Crystal Spears -- Seize Me / Withstanding Me
Dulaney Glen -- Unexpected
Elizabeth Lee -- Give Me Something
Emily Minton -- Windows
Felicia Lynn -- Tied Up in Heartstrings
Felicia Tatum -- Mangled Hearts
Faith S. Lynn -- From Lies to Promises
Fran Veal -- Finding My Escape
Harper Sloan -- Axel / Cage / Beck
Hilary Storm -- In a Heartbeat
Ilsa Madden-Mills -- Very Bad Things
Janae Mitchell -- For Always
Jessica Ingro -- Love Square / His Ever After
Juli Alexander -- Valentine's Day Sucks / Text Me (boxed set)
K. Langston -- Because You're Mine
Kimberley Lauren -- Beautiful Broken Mess
Lindsay Page -- Don't Panic / Sweetness
Lindsay Paige with Mary Smith -- Breakaway
M. S. Brannon -- Scarred Love
Marissa Carmel -- Strip Me Bare
Meg Collett -- The Hunted One
Melanie Codina - Love Realized / Love Resisted
Mia Mitchell -- Rose of Thorne / Thorneless
Michelle A Valentine -- The Black Falcon Series
Morgan Wylie -- Veiled Shadows
S. Q. Williams -- Who He Is / Who We Are
Sarah Ashley Jones -- More Than a Promise
Sarah Goodman -- Life's Next Chapter
Tiffany Aleman -- Luck of Love / Serenity Falls
Wendy Owens -- Only In Dreams / Stubborn Love

And last but not least -- at least, I hope not:

The first books in both my series':

So go on, get your one-clicker to clicking while these deals last!!