New Swag. New Slogan.

I've been thinking about the importance of "company branding" lately. You know, the value of a logo, a slogan, a look. If you're reading this blog by coming to the webpage, or if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you may have noticed some of the recent changes.

But the new designs I've added to Facebook and my other social media sites aren't the only changes. I'm also clearing out lots of older swag designs, hoping to make way for a new, streamlined set of goodies, just in time for my appearance in the Tennessee Valley Author Event.

In addition to the new designs, I thought, "You know what? Maybe I need a little slogan. A little motto of some sort. Something cute and catchy." You may have noticed it in a few places already, such as the banner at the top of this blog, the button in the sidebar, and even a few other spots.

But just in case you haven't noticed ... Let me just share a few images with you.

Cute little swirly-ball, right? I love it! This is what my shipping labels look like. I've adjusted the font sizes and arrangement of this design to create my sidebar button (also shown below), which you can feel welcome to copy/paste onto your own site if you'd like to spread the word about my books.

 Pretty new rack cards, with lots of room on the back for signing. These are what I call my "4x8 oversized bookmarks," because I love the way they fit the size of my paperbacks. Which is why every signed book order comes with one already in the book for easy use.

The above images are the front and back of a 2x8 inch bookmark, with signing space on the back. They haven't arrived yet, but I am already dying to give some away!!

That's all the new designs that I'm prepared to share with you just yet ... but I'd also like to specify that attendees of the Tennessee Valley Author Event are in for a major treat, with the swag packs and lots of other freebies that I've planned!

In the meantime, as I mentioned already, I'm clearing out some of my older swag designs, so watch for giveaways, beginning with the huge prize pack in the rafflecopter below. Don't forget to check the entries ... some of them can be done multiple times! For images of the older swag designs, check below the rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 These are the 1st edition rack card designs that are still available. The far left and right images are fronts, and they each have the center image as the back.

The above and below images are the 2x6 bookmarks listed in the rafflecopter prize pack.
The Kingsley one is identical on front and back, and so is the Selkie one.

And below, the front of the contact card, which lists all of my relevant sites.
These will all be signed and are, obviously, for the winner to share with friends.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the new look! I think it is elegant and very pretty :-)


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