Many of you may have noticed that I've been a bit absent in recent months. My personal life has been awash in drama the likes of which might overwhelm even the most dramatic daytime soap writer, and I've been pretty busy with just getting through each day as they come.

I've enjoyed the months of quiet, but I haven't been completely dormant! I've still been working, ever so slowly, on Michael Kingsley's story More Than Friends. That story is wrapping up, I'll have a cover for it soon, and with prep for the Tennessee Valley Author Event whipping into a frenzy, I'm looking forward to having some fantasy fun with my next planned project, Selkie II (with Still Fighting for Freedom to follow).

Just know that while I'm still taking some time to enjoy the last of my quiet, I am still around, I am still writing, and I am still making big, huge plans for the future.

And I miss y'all something fierce, so leave a little comment here and tell me what you've been reading lately!