If a Tree Falls in the Woods ...

... can anyone hear it?

Maybe they can, maybe they can't.

But if an entire forest falls down, some people are bound to notice that kind of noise. In fact, you might compare that sort of impact to the impact of a crowd speaking, as compared to the small sound of one voice. You might even compare it to ... a Thunderclap.

Many of you know that I recently participated in my first book signing, the Tennessee Valley Author Event. At the event, someone mentioned something to me called "Thunderclap," which is a crowdspeaking site.

How it works: You choose to follow/support a thunderclap campaign for social media. It's quick and easy to do, just click the support button for facebook, twitter, or tumblr, whichever you use. After that, share the campaign with your friends and ask them to support it too. Then, on a predetermined date/time, thunderclap will post a campaign message on your timeline (that you have already seen and pre-approved), so that campaign supporters are able to speak in support at one time, with one strong voice.

The concept: If I post something here, there isn't any guarantee that you'll see it. Even if you do see it, you may be scrolling through in a rush and not have time to share it. Even if you do, that only combines my little whisper with yours, and we still aren't that loud. But if we can get lots of people to speak out with us, at the same time, we create a "thunderclap" over our social media networks that will help us to be heard among the crowd.

The catch: If we don't reach our support goal, the thunderclap never goes out - the campaign doesn't launch, and our collective voice isn't heard.

Why am I telling you this? I need your help. I've got a thunderclap support goal of 100 supporters, and I'm not there yet. So if you're willing to help by supporting my first thunderclap campaign, all you need to do is click "join this thunderclap" below.