On The Radio

Earlier this year, I met a local author for the first time. I mean, I knew of a few authors in the Knoxville area, but through the prep for the Tennessee Valley Author Event, I was able to get in touch on Facebook with several locals. I interviewed lots of the TNVAE authors here on the blog, and one of those was Leanne Tyler, author of The Good Luck Series and several other great stories. She's also the producer of Hummingbird Place.

Leanne generously extended an offer to me - would I like to appear on the Hummingbird Place and talk about what's it's like to write a series?

Um, yeah! So the plans were made, I got all nervous about appearing on a show (which was needless, since it was a great experience), about accidentally forgetting to call in early enough (I didn't), about saying something stupid (I did), and about the whole thing in general, simply because it was a new experience - something I hadn't even imagined doing.

So then, May 5th rolled around, I called on time, had perfect childcare arranged for my little ones, and didn't forget to make myself a cup of hot honeyed tea to drink during the show since I was at the time recovering from a really awful throat infection. I did forget to take the tea upstairs though - I really was terribly nervous.

But other than the little technical difficulties that plagued the show that night, things went off mostly without a hitch. (You can listen to the archived episode of Hummingbird Place here. But it cuts in and out like a crazy cell phone call the whole time. Still - I was On The Radio!)

It really was a great experience though, and now that I've done it before, I wasn't too nervous to raise my hand when Leanne let me know she was hunting guests for the show. I volunteered, sent in the required information, and set about seventeen bajillion reminders in my phone.

Why? Because on August 18th, at 7:30 pm US EST, I'll be making a second appearance on Hummingbird Place. Some things have changed since the last time I was on the show though - guests on the show are now asked to provide a giveaway, and to host a Facebook event, which I think is a great idea.

Which brings me to the point of this somewhat wordy little blog post - I've got a Facebook event to invite you to and you can bet there WILL be giveaways, leading up to AND during the event!!