Tennessee Valley Author Event: Stoplight, Interview and Giveaway: Nicky Jayne

With the Tennessee Valley Author Event looming only days away, I'm spotlighting some of the authors from the event! For those of you who can come to the event this is a great way to get to know a little bit about each of the attending authors ... and for those of you too far away to come, this is a chance to discover new authors and new books that just might be right up your alley! And so, without further ado:

Brandi Kennedy: Nicky Jayne, welcome to my blog!

Nicky Jayne: Hi all!

Brandi Kennedy: Why don't you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Nicky Jayne: I am thirty-one, living in sunny Las Vegas with my husband and two handsome boys, ten and eight. I moved to Las Vegas in 2005 following my husband who is Active Duty Air Force. We have been married eleven years now. I am a lover of all things soft and furry, I have three chihuahuas and two cats. I am a true coffee addict, can't go a day without a cup, nothing gets done, answered or written before I indulge in morning cup of Joe! Purple is my color, shiny things are my downfall. I am a true squirrel, I will take off in the middle of a conversation for something shiny. Well, so I am told anyway.

Brandi Kennedy: And will TNVAE be your first signing event, or are you more of a seasoned pro at this point?

Nicky Jayne: TNVAE is not my first signing, but by far the biggest that I have done. I am looking forward to meeting all those that have sent amazing messages to me about my books. I am nervous as hell but really looking forward to hanging with my girl Tracy Lee and of course my readers.

Brandi Kennedy: How many titles do you expect to have available by the time of the event?

Nicky Jayne: Five.

Brandi Kennedy: A good number! Will you be bringing all of your titles to the event?

Nicky Jayne: Yes. I will have all five of my titles with me. Embracing Life, Embracing Love, a new and improved Footprints as well as my new release Taking Flight and Grounded.

Brandi Kennedy: Awesome! In the meantime, is there a way for fans to contact you, if they wish to order signed copies of books you won't be bringing with you? Or if they won't be able to attend the event but would like to order books anyway?

Nicky Jayne: Absolutely ... You can email me at EmbracingNicky@Gmail.com or message me on Facebook. I have a buy link on my blog page as well ... Which includes swag, etc.

Brandi Kennedy: That's great! What other forms of social media can readers use to follow you and your writing?

Nicky Jayne: My Twitter page.

Brandi Kennedy: Well, I'm really looking forward to meeting you at the Tennessee Valley Author Event, Nicky. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions today. Before we go, is there anything else you'd like to say to the people reading this?

Nicky Jayne: Thank you all for your time. Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me. As I say, if it wasn't for you, there would be no me. I look forward to meeting you all.

Alright, readers, there you have it, Nicky Jayne!
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