Keepin' Busy - Branching Out.

For real though. Within the next two weeks, I have an appearance on The Hummingbird Place (blogTalk Radio) AND a blog takeover (Book Bliss Facebook Page).

... and ...

I have something huge to tell y'all. Something that's terrifying for me, but AWESOME for many of you.

You know I've been an Amazon exclusive author for as long as I've been an author. Amazon is a company that I trust not to crash and burn - I knew they were a company I could publish with, with a sense of some security. And they made it easy; there's even an e-book that walks writers through the journey to becoming authors.

But everyone doesn't love Amazon the way I do, and there's a whole big world out there - a world full of Nook users and Kobo users, and fancy iGadget users. And the time has come for me to step out into that world, to introduce myself to that world, using the lessons that Amazon so graciously taught me as a new author. ...

As of September first, Fighting For Freedom will no longer be an Amazon exclusive novel. As of September first, Christine Matthews's inspiring story of overcoming and moving on from the horrors of domestic violence will be reaching out - for the first time ever, this story will also be available for Nook, Kobo, and the iBookstore (sorry I can't give a link - I don't use iProducts)!

... but the biggest and best part of this news is ...

You can actually pre-order the book RIGHT NOW by clicking the links above or simply searching in your chosen market!! No waiting, no hassle.

So go on y'all. Check it out!