My Version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I know, I know. I should have written about this over a week ago when I got challenged. I should have, but sometimes, life gets in the way, and I was doing other things, sorting through my feelings over the recent various author/indie dramas, and trying to get my writing mojo back.

Because, as many of you have noticed, there's a bit of a time lapse going on ... my last book release was some time ago. But I assure you, I am writing ... it's just so desperately slow.

Anyway, in the midst of social media marketing and other non-writing things that take up my daily life, I managed to get tagged for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Not really on purpose, but hey, it's a craze, right?

Everybody's Doing It.

So I got tagged by a friend, and I did it. Because the hugeness of ALS touches my heart. And of course, I made a video - with slow motion replays. Wanna see?
Check me out, freezing down in the YouTube box below.