Review: 'Mangled Hearts' by Felicia Tatum

*About The Book*
*Francesca and Cade*
Can two loves find their way back to each other despite an addiction and a hardened heart? Will their love overcome it all?

Francesca Taymon is young, successful, and broken. A tragic accident years ago haunts her to this day, and she blames only one person - the one that holds her heart.When she finally gets her first case, will she be able to handle seeing him again? Can she do her job and keep her heart intact?

Cade Kelling doesn't take life seriously. He's reckless and irresponsible, drinking his problems away. When his parents bail him out for the last time, will he be able to handle seeing Francesca after all these years? Will he be able to tell her what really happened that night 5 years ago or will he lose her forever?

And the most important question ... Can these Mangled Hearts be mended?

*My Review*
In this story, Francesca and Cade are struggling to find their way back to each other after a serious misunderstanding ended their relationship - but not their love - when they were younger.

Fast forward a few years and Francesca's an attorney still pretty fresh out of law school, already finding herself trapped under a sexually discriminating glass ceiling at work. By day, she struggles to build a future; by night, she struggles with the past.

The years have not been as kind to Cade, who is still just what he's always been - an alcoholic troublemaker. But when Cade steps into Francesca's office, that changes everything - for both of them. Past and future collide when Cade becomes Francesca's first real client.

This story ... *insert conflicted sigh here* ... I don't have a solid review. Just like with most books, there were errors missed in editing, and some were a little distracting. The characters, especially Francesca, often acted in ways that I felt were unrealistic. These are down points for me, for sure.

Then again, the story was incredibly well planned, the back story between the characters felt solid and believable, and I liked that the side characters never stole the show. The author's portrayal of alcoholism through the character of Cade Kelling was spot on, and I loved the way his love for Francesca inspired and motivated him to finally change his ways.

And the fact that "Francesca Taymon" is so like the author's name, "Felicia Tatum", gives me a smile despite myself - and it tells me how very much this story must mean to this author personally.

My overall impression (that's sticking with me days after I actually finished reading) is that this is a really sweet story with characters that are completely relatable even when they aren't being entirely logical. And I can't help myself: I loved Cade's redemption.

This book lost a star for the presence of so many errors, but I am already planning to read Entangled Souls, which is the rest of Francesca and Cade's story. But it's still a high four stars.
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