Seriously, Can You Believe This?

I'm on time! You guys, I'm actually posting a blog post on a day when I'm supposed to! How about that, hmm??

Anyway, I've actually been bursting with excitement, dying to post this, because I've got some news to share. A while back, I ended my Amazon exclusivity with Fighting For Freedom, which is now available on most platforms. I like that change; I like knowing that I've opened myself up to entirely new markets and entirely new readers. I like knowing that I'm slowly ending my exclusive relationship with Amazon, too, with all the buzz and general fuss about their anti-author policies and "big brother" tactics. I like knowing that even though my books will still be listed with Amazon, they will also now start to be listed with markets that actually support authors, instead of working actively to cripple us.

To that end, I've now removed the exclusive Amazon status from another of my books! Selkie is now available pretty much everywhere, too -- and to celebrate that change, The book has been given a really gorgeous makeover that I'm totally proud of. For real, y'all, check this out:

Isn't that a gorgeous cover? I think I'm in love.

Want your own gorgeous copy of this well loved book? Currently, you can purchase this book for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Kobo. It's also on OysterScribd, Tolino, and Page Foundry.

Seriously, isn't it gorgeous?