Small Update, Big Developments

Many of you know that I've been working on ending my exclusivity and diversifying the markets my books are listed on. It started with Fighting For Freedom - and that went well for me! Not nearly as scary as I had thought diversifying as an independent author would be ... so when Selkie got its recent makeover, part of that process was to let my KDP Select (Amazon exclusive) term run out, and when the makeover went live, it went live on all of the larger markets.

Now, those two books are both available for Kindle, just like they always were (and Kindle is still my preferred platform for giveaway gifting, etc), but they are also available now to Nook, Kobo, and iBooks users. There are, of course, more in-depth links available in the Freedom Series and Selkie Trilogy tabs listed in the drop-down menu above, and those links can also be found with my new pre-order release, Courageous.

But that's all old news, right? Yeah. So let me give you some new news. Throughout the month of October, I'm going to be opening up once again to other markets. In preparation for the upcoming release of More Than Friends (Kingsley Series, book 4), I will be releasing Fat Chance on all platforms - with a slew of new updates and editing/formatting repairs. This will happen most likely on October 10th, to be repeated ten days later with Prescription For Love, and again ten days after that with Wrestling Harmony.

There will be teasers. There will be giveaways. And once that's behind me, there will be one other announcement. Wanna guess what it might be?