Today, I'm A Little Bit Chatty.

I've been all caught up in the excitement about the cover reveal of Courageous (my new short story/novelette) lately, haven't I? Sometimes I feel like it dominates every moment of my life right now, but definitely in a good way. This is a story I'm pretty proud of -- Courageous is my first contest win, it's my first foray into the suspense genre, and it's one of my favorite stories so far! It's currently available for preorder on AmazoniBooksNook, and Kobo, it will go live on August 20th, and I'm hosting a giveaway, where you can have a chance to win one of FIVE release-day e-copies and TWO signed paperbacks! There are lots of ways to win, it's all totally free, and there are even a few entries that can be done multiple times to better your chances of winning. And who doesn't love winning, right?

But in the midst of all the new-release craze, there have also been a lot of other things going on.

1.) Selkie got a makeover! You can check out the gorgeous new cover by clicking the Selkie Trilogy link below, or visiting this makeover cover reveal post.

2.) I've revamped my website, adding a landing page, separate series pages for the Kingsley Series, the Selkie Trilogy, and the Freedom Series. Each of those pages has cover images, quick blurbs for the series as a whole and the books individually, and of course the purchase links for whichever markets those books are available on. I've also added a page where you'll find a growing list of single titles with the same set of information.

3.) I've been grouping/integrating my different social media pages as follows: I post pretty regularly on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google+/Tsu -- sometimes it's book related, sometimes it's a blog link, sometimes it's cat pictures, other times it's dog pictures. Now and then it's what my kids are up to that day, and there are even occasional random thoughts I just felt like sharing.Usually, because there are some people that use "this" platform and others that use "that" one, I post the same thing on those five. So you can pick and choose, follow just your favorite one, or all five to make sure you never miss anything. But that's just part one of my efforts to streamline my social media. Part two is this neat little trick: I've set my blog up to auto-send to newsletter subscribers. This means great things for you in two different ways. One, if you prefer not to "subscribe" to things for whatever reason, you can just come to my website at anytime and check my blog to see what I'm up to. I try to post on every "fifth day" (you know, the first, the fifth, the tenth, the fifteenth, and so on), but I'm not always on time. Still, these posts are obviously less random and more pointed. Yes, they are also longer, because I take full advantage here of being able to really talk to you. Now, if you don't like having to remember to check websites and chase blogs, simply sign up to receive my newsletter (if you haven't already, you can fill in the simple form at the top of the blog's right sidebar), and my updates will come directly to you. You'll get posts that include book release updates, cover reveal updates, appearance news, giveaways, and sometimes even random subscriber-only prize offers.

4.) Some of you might remember when I posted a little teaser about a signing that's coming up soon, where I'll be signing alongside some really amazing authors! Remember this save the date photo? Well, I've posted some small updates since then, but now there are real developments falling into place for this! There's a Facebook page you can check for news and updates. There's a registration page, where you'll want to register early to attend the signing (free), and/or purchase tickets to the up-close-and-personal luncheon with the authors and VIP guests. There are even a few sponsorship options to check out, too. For more information about the authors involved, please see

Wow, I wasn't kidding about being chatty, was I?