"Which of Your Books Is Your Favorite?" -- Part II

In my last post to you, I talked a little bit about how Jodie Pierce got me thinking about which of my books is my favorite. I told you why Fat Chance and Prescription For Love and Wrestling Harmony are all my favorites of my books. I even hinted that More Than Friends (Kingsley Series #4, coming November 12, 2016) might be my favorite too!

What I didn't mention specifically in my last post (because I've mentioned it before) was that my Amazon exclusivity is almost over! During the month of October, Fat Chance and Prescription For Love went live on extended markets, and now all of my books are available on Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBooks, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Kobo, and Inktera/Page Foundry! Except for one ... Wrestling Harmony. But that's changing, too, and today, Wrestling Harmony is going live on the same extended markets as the rest of my books! (You can find the most up-to-date purchase links for the Kingsley books here.)

And now that you know how much I love the Kingsleys, and how much I want you to love them (insert completely tactless self-promotional winking here), let me get on to Part II of "Which of Your Books Is Your Favorite?"

I've told you about Fat Chance, Prescription For Love, and Wrestling Harmony. Now, let me tell you why Selkie is my favorite of my books. In Selkie, I got to play with an old legend, I got to make up a world and set the stage for a culture. The Selkie Trilogy is a romantic fantasy, increasingly heavy on the fantasy as the series goes on. In Selkie I, you get to know Annie and Malik, and you'll love them as they take you on an adventure into a whole new world, a whole new way of life. Selkie I is my favorite of my books because it was so much fun to write, because it was the place I went to hide while my mother was going through a cancer scare, because it connected me with a legend/myth that I've been fascinated with for many years.

We've all heard of werewolves, and with the current craze for all things were-animal, lovers of werewolves, weretigers, were-etc. will love getting to know a creature informally known as a wereseal ... the Selkie of old Celtic lore. In the legends, A selkie was usually a woman, a siren of the deep who could walk out of the sea on seal flippers, shed the sealskin, and transform into an irresistible woman. Legends said that if a man could find a selkie pelt and hide it, he could stop the selkie woman from being able to re-enter the sea, thereby trapping her as his mate. Legend spoke of the Selkie female as an amazing wife, and a wonderful mother. But in all the stories, the human knew what they were doing. The man would trap a Selkie woman purposely, wishing to keep her for her favorable qualities as a wife and mother. But what if the sexes were reversed? And what if the human knew nothing of the legends? And what if ... what if we could follow a Selkie back into the water? What if we could learn their ways, their culture? What if?

You can see where I'm going with this. Selkie is like my other books in that there is a strong romance with beautiful characters that you can relate to and feel for. It's like my other books in that there are sweet moments and hot sex. There's fun banter. But it's something totally different, too, in that there is much more external conflict, much more adventure, and even a little bit of suspense. It's my favorite because it's so novel (to me), so different from what I usually read, and from what I usually write.

I can't help but love it ... and that's why it's my favorite. Want to introduce yourself to Annie and Malik, too? I bet you'll love their story just as much as I do. Check them out here.

Want to know why Fighting For Freedom and Courageous are my favorite books, too? Stay tuned for the next post, where I'll tell you all about why I love Christine and Aiden, and why I might even revist Allie and Jason for a full length novel ...