Big News On The Horizon ...

It's been a busy week for me, and I've been turning over some new ideas lately. So for today, as I wait for the right time to break my big news, I thought I'd just give you a quick list of updates:
  • Eden's just about all healed from her surgery. She hasn't had her post-op checkup yet, but she's back to school, back to eating, back to sleeping through the night, and back to her usual chatty self. In most ways, it's a relief, and I'm so glad that she's healing well. (For those who wonder, my mother is back home and doing well too ... she thinks the new hip has improved her balance greatly.)
  • RTS is just barely more than a month away, and I am almost ready! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet some readers! And ... if you're a regular reader here and you plan to meet me at RTS, please let me know that you're a follower here. I may even have a special surprise in hand for you. 
  • Although I'm disappointed to not have Selkie II ready to bring with me to RTS due to the recent crazy events in my personal life, the story is still progressing beautifully and I am in love with the way it's all developing. If I wasn't in love with Annie and Malik before, I certainly am now!
Seriously, I'm dying to tell you the news, but I can't yet. So I'm just going to sign off for now ... but the big news WILL be in the next newsletter.

Happy Reading,