Ready for the BIG NEWS?

Cassaundra Keaton is the heroine of Fat Chance, the first book in the Kingsley Series -- and she can be either of two things depending on how you look at her.

On the one hand, she's depressing because she's depressed. She's an orphan raised largely in the foster system, battered by life and bullied relentlessly by her foster brother. She's lonely and sad, and she feels unbelievably fat and unattractive. Being inside her head, as you are when you read her first person perspective, can be a somewhat uncomfortable look behind the facade of someone struggling with the emotional burden of depression. Sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes you just want to shake her! Undeniably, sometimes you'll want to close the book and not pick it back up again, simply because it's hard to be inside the mind of such a sad person. I get it though, because I've been her. And I'll just about guarantee that in some ways, so have you. That's where the other side of her story comes in, because you see, Cass isn't just depressing.

For many women (at least, according to the reviews) Cass is also tremendously inspirational. Being inside of her mind allows you to see the blessings that keep her going: the foster mom who loves her, and the foster sisters who count her wholeheartedly as a member of their family. She has a decent job, and even though she may not be deliriously happy in the beginning, she's proud to be making her own way. Watch this beautiful flower bloom as she learns to accept herself, to love herself, and to finally believe in her own worth.

Only then can she accept the echo of that worth in the eyes of a handsome and loyal man who steps most unexpectedly into her life. Through this man, Cass grows in immeasurable ways, finds an inner strength she didn't realize she had, and finally learns to take a stand.

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And now, the big news: Fat Chance is now FREE on iTunes, Nook, Kobo, and Inktera/Page Foundry!! It'll be FREE on Amazon too, as soon as I can get them to price match it. (In the meantime, it's down to $0.99 there.)

Edited to add: Amazon has now price-matched the book!! Fat Chance is free everywhere!