A Busy Month

Today I'm taking a bit of a break from our recent talks about confidence and what body positivity really means; I'm taking a minute just to say thank you.

Thank you for reading my work, for buying my books, for supporting me in whatever way you've done so. Thank you for your encouragement, for your kind reviews, and for your appreciation of the characters that came to life inside my mind.

It means so very much to me. Thank you.

Upcoming news:
  • Monday, March 7, 2016, I'll be live on the Hummingbird Place for another interview with Donna Wright. Always a delightful experience, and I can't wait to finally tell the secret of what's going into my RTS gift baskets.
  • Saturday, March 19, 2016, I'll be joining with an amazing group of authors at an elegant luncheon and book signing. Romancing The Smokies promises nothing less than an event to be remembered, and I'm so excited to be meeting new readers there! Still want to come? There are only seven luncheon tickets available at last count, so grab yours while you can! Missed your chance to attend the luncheon but still want to come? That's alright, the book signing (to be held after the luncheon) is free!!
  • In the meantime, I'm still working hard on Selkie II, and this story just may be my best yet! I am in love with the characters, the development, and the adventure! I can't wait to see it all play out, and I'm anxious to begin sharing it with you!
  • My street team, the B.K. Bookies, still has seven slots available for 2016! If you'd like a chance to read all of my books for free, and you think you can commit to reviewing all of them, check out the application link on my website's welcome page. I'd like to warn you that in order to join the team, you must have reviewed at least one of my books -- but that's easy, since Fat Chance is now FREE on all platforms!

Happy Reading,


  1. Thank you for making it so easy to love your work and support you

    1. Aww! At the risk of being ridiculous ... Thank you for your comment. The interaction appreciated, especially on a morning rife with preteen angst. (This morning, I made my oldest daughter wear jeans. *gasp* The horrors!!)


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