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In the last few posts I broke from the recent topic of self confidence to catch you guys up on what I've been doing this month -- along with my plans for the rest of the month. Just one more time, I'd like to update you on three major happenings.
  • Click here to listen to my most recent appearance on the Hummingbird Place (You'll have to listen to an ad either way, but to skip directly to my segment (after the ad), begin playback at 19:52). To hear a full hour of me speaking with Donna Wright about my books, my passions, the Rock, and my upcoming appearance schedule, click here (this one was last month though).
  • Romancing the Smokies is now only days away, and my luncheon table is sold out! This week I'll be putting the final touches on the gift baskets I'm putting together for each of my luncheon guests, the basket I'm donating to the event to be given away as a door prize, AND the basket I'll be keeping at my signing table, to be given away to new newsletter subscribers at the end of the event. Missed your chance to attend the luncheon but still want to see what all the fuss is about? You can still come say hi to me and get yourself a signed copy of any of my books at the signing after the luncheon. The book signing itself is on Saturday, March 19th at the Airport Hilton, Alcoa, TN -- and the best part? It's free to come through and meet everyone from 2-4pm!
  • I'm moving deeper into Selkie II, and I am IN. LOVE. with this story. The new characters are just ... I love them. I love how they support Malik and Annie in the middle of everything going on, and how well everyone fits together! I've started playing around with thoughts for the cover design, too, so that's exciting.
Next week, I'll tell those of you who couldn't be there all about Romancing The Smokies; I'll share my most and least favorite moments and happenings, a little more about who was there, and hopefully some photos of the event itself. In the following newsletter, I want to revisit the self confidence and body positivity theme with some posts about happiness, mindfulness, and self-ownership. If you think you might know someone who'd like to see posts of that nature, or someone who might be as interested in my newsletter as you are, feel free to send them this link and invite them to subscribe. My mailing list is coming very close to meeting this year's goal already (I think we're about 25 subscribers away), and once we meet that goal, I intend to DOUBLE my monthly giftcard giveaway.

Some of you know I'm in the process of building a street team of reviewers. I'm calling my team the B.K. Bookies (thanks to Dana for being clever and thinking that one up on the fly like she did), and I'm going to keep it pretty small. I want it to be an intimate group that I can really get to know on a personal level. All I'm asking is that members be willing to read and review all of my books, and once a member is all caught up on reviews, that's when team member perks begin. You'll receive a welcome package with a few thank you goodies, some swag to share with your book-loving friends and family, and a few other little surprises. Eventually, you'll also help vote on covers, titles, character names, and other things that even newsletter subscribers won't have quick access to. Interested? Just fill out this form, and we'll get back to you once your initial review is verified.

Now, with the business end of our chat out of the way, I wanted to ask you something, too. What do you think about the idea of authors who host public readings of their books? Often, this type of event involves cookies, coffee, and a library or bookstore setting -- the featured author comes up and reads a bit from one or more of their books, and you get a rare chance to hear the way the book sounds in the author's mind. Well, maybe it's not so rare now, with the growing number of authors who record their own audiobooks, but ... well, you get the point. The idea is that it's a way to meet the author in a less formal setting, hear the way the characters sound in the mind of the person who created them, and ask questions of the author if  you wish to. So I guess my real question is this: What would you guys think of a sort of virtual reading? I'd read maybe a chapter or two of one of my books, post it online for you to listen to, and maybe attach some kind of fun giveaway for you to share with your friends in hopes of winning a signed paperback and some book-related items. Feel free to leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this topic; suggestions are also welcome.


  1. I think virtual readings are a great idea! Something new and different! Can't wait!

    1. I think I'd probably do it from Fat Chance, at least at first, so that anyone who wanted could just go get a copy to finish the story. But if it goes well, maybe I'd do readings with my other books too. Which do you think would be better, an audio mp3 style thing, or more like a YouTube video?


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