Maybe I Spoke Too Soon

Maybe it is the plague.

Eden is still sick. Still coughing constantly, still not able to rest well. Still feeling terrible.

So is her mommy. 

Eden was a little better Friday and she was happy to go back to school, but I think she overdid it a bit, and that set her back some. She's spent the weekend coughing and slightly fevered, despite antibiotics, inhalers, and a slew of other medications. I'm going to call her doctor again tomorrow.

The thing is, maybe this wouldn't be such a thing if not for the fact that she's supposed to have surgery in eight days. I'm thinking now that it will likely have to be rescheduled.

In the meantime, I was feeling a little better Saturday -- which allowed me to attend my local writer's group meeting, attend the usual after-meeting luncheon, socialize a bit with one of my favorite members, and birthday shop for Eden, who will be seven on Thursday.

Omg, guys. She'll be seven!

Today I'm taking over a blog page on Facebook called "Taking Life by the Books." I've been posting there all day about myself, my life, and my books. If you have a minute come on over and check it out, and hopefully in my next post we'll be back to our usual weekly chats.

In the meantime,
Happy Reading,