Maybe It IS The Plague After All.

l had plans for this post. I did. I was going to make an order form and tell you all about the online signing I plan to run sometime this summer. I was going to remind you all that this giveaway is almost over but you still have time to try to win a $20 gift card. I was going to tell you about the end of the school year and what that means for my summer writing schedule, my upcoming events, etc. I was going to update you on my first annual reader meet-up, which looks like it will be next summer in Maine (according to the votes so far).

I was going to tell you a lot of things.

But it's been almost a month and I'm still sick. I'm exhausted. And I feel awful.

So I'm going to bed.


  1. I really hope you feel better soon you have been sick at to long

  2. Yeah it's starting to feel like I'm never going to get better again. I felt a little better Saturday, then I was worse again yesterday and I'm feeling still worse today.

    I feel like I could sleep for a year.


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