Good Reads

I thought it would be fun to open our first Saturday morning with books. It only seems fair, since it was a love of books that brought us together, right? I usually try to make a point of reviewing everything I read (though I haven't yet solidified the same habit with audio books), and when I read something I think is exceptional, l like talking about it. I mean, really ... who better to share my favorite five star reads with than you, right? Because much as I'd like to think there's someone out there who is so enamored with my books that they never read anything else, I'm honest with myself about how truly voracious most readers are.

And hopefully, you picked up the bit of sarcasm in that last bit. I'd hate to think I made everyone start their Saturday morning with a frown and a vague sense of, "Gee, she's a little too big for her britches, isn't she?" Because for the record, after being sick for so long, I'm actually down a few pounds and somewhat small for my britches. For once.

Anyway. My point was this: I read a really good book recently, and since I know you're all out there reading other books (just to pass the time while you wait for my next one, of course), I wanted to tell you about it.

I read a lot, guys. I read romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller. I read paranormal on occasion, horror, and yes, even sometimes a vampire novel. Seriously, in the absence of a book, I'll read cereal boxes, clothing labels, street signs, facebook ads. I don't discriminate.

Except that I do.

For all that reading though, I've actually become very picky, and every little ''wrong" thing in a book makes me crazy. Typos do it, misused words do it. I hate when there's too much drama or too many characters. I despise cheating in romance novels, and I loathe lots of other obvious plot elements in other genres. So you know, it's really hard for me to find myself drawn inescapably into a story that truly earns a five star rating from me.

Seriously, my last five-star read was in the spring. Hold on, let me check ...

Yep, it was in February, when I read Girl Least Likely to Marry, by Amy Andrews. Since then I've read a number of three and four-star books, I've read a few two-star books, and I've quit on probably a dozen one-star books.

For real, I'm picky.

So I was a little nervous when I started reading JK Ensley's A Dance with Destiny series. It's high fantasy, which isn't my usual genre; I actually had to be told that it's called "high" fantasy!

The story follows a girl named Jenevier as she runs from a curse and ends up on a wild adventure - an adventure that takes her through unimaginable places, where she meets an incredible number of unforgettable people. She loves and hates, she lives and dies. And you, as you read? You love and hate, too. You laugh and cry. You wish and yearn. And you come away with a sense of being changed in some ways. (You can find my actual reviews of the two 3-book boxed sets here and here.)

I'm still writing Selkie II; today I noticed that the story has passed 40,000 words in length so far, and I love this story more and more each time I open it. But it isn't finished yet (although I do have a cover AND a blurb!), so while you're waiting for the next installment of Annie and Malik's adventure, open your heart to Jenevier. I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

Until next Saturday,
Happy Reading.