Three More Days!

Many of you have been with me from the beginning - you watched me as I tiptoed through independently publishing To Love A Selkie, the story that launched a career I had (until that point) been too afraid to embark on. You watched me as that story grew, as it transformed in my mind and became the trilogy that I'm so incredibly proud of. You watched me add other stories to my backlist. You watched me explore different genres, different social media platforms. Some of you have even come out to meet me in person, or found my books through running into me at signing events.

You've watched me grow on this blog too, as a writer, as a publisher, as a businesswoman - as a person. Some of you have commented here or emailed me personally in support, and that means more to me than I could ever express.

So I'm excited to share this with you, the next step in this journey I've been on now for almost four years, this new release. In three days, Selkie II goes live, and I'm so excited to see what you all think of it - and for those of you who aren't here for the books, I promise that after this week, we'll go back to body positive, mental health, and lifestyle posts as usual.

In the meantime ... I thought you'd like to see these - and that maybe you'd even be willing to share them around on your social media?

Until next week,
Happy Reading,