Spooks and Goblins (And Goddesses, Oh My?)

And thank goodness after all the recent clown craziness - there weren't any clowns.

Still, I did change up the usual Halloween celebration style this year, partly because of the aforementioned clown craze that's been sweeping through social media (and all over the news) in recent months, and partly because of personal issues that required the change. The personal part? Well, that's going to mostly stay personal, but in addressing the clown issue ... I'm just more of a "better safe than sorry" kind of mom - and I like it that way.

This year, our family had a small Halloween party at our house on Saturday night. We invited some friends over, ordered pizza, dressed up in our costumes, and played a bunch of fun Halloween games! After the pizza, we played "Krispy Screams," which was a total blast - we hung Krispy Kreme donuts from a skinny dowel with string, and had lots of fun watching all the kids try to eat their donut with no hands. The kids were a mess, but they all had a great time - even the ones that smacked repeatedly in the face with their wildly swinging desserts. After that was "Skull Ball," because we couldn't think of a better name for it. Essentially, we had a plastic skull and the kids took turns throwing it to each other around a circle, similar to Hot Potato. Only, we played our game with a little Musical Chairs twist - the kids threw the skull while Halloween music played, and whoever was holding the skull when the music turned off was out of the next round. This one was a really fun game with lots of laughing! The kids played Hide and Shriek once it got dark outside, and that was fun too, but by then the party was winding down and most of the kids were getting worn out, so after some people left, the rest of us settled in in the living room to play Apples To Apples, which I suspect is a more family-friendly version of something like Cards Against Humanity, which I have not yet had the opportunity to play.

On Monday, instead of going trick-or-treating (or to any event likely to be crowded or creepy), my girls and I stayed home to hand out candy to the kids in our neighborhood. The girls went to a couple of our neighbor's houses, but mostly their candy haul is leftover candy that I had purchased ahead of time - because I strategically bought more candy than we needed (and made sure it was good candy too, of course) - and as the mom, I'm perfectly happy to have half a pound of ROLO Chewy Caramels and Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers, as well as Chocolate Gold Coins (not to mention all those little sleeves of Sixlets, which we had in two shades of blue) left to "dispose of."

(I had every intention of putting a photo of said leftover candy here - but it's mostly gone. My children are sugar-lovers.)

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Eden (my youngest) is a voracious reader, and as part of her desperate campaign to read every children's book known to man, she's been working her way through the Goddess Girls series, so I wasn't that surprised when she started begging hardcore to be a goddess for Halloween. And since we were staying home, I thought it would be super cute if I could convince my girls to dress alike this year and be goddesses together - I thought they'd look adorable sitting together with a blue basket of blue and gold candy to hand out. As you can imagine (especially if you have kids of your own), this took some bargaining, which ended when I got Joey to agree by convincing Eden to dress like whatever Joey picks next year - I suspect this means that next October, I'll be hunting costumes of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus, but that's alright. In the meantime, I ordered the costumes from Amazon, which came just in time and looked great on my girls! They were solidly made too, which was nice since most Halloween costumes are sort of cheap these days - my girls are looking forward to being able to dress up in their costumes again another day, just for fun.

The other costumes we saw throughout the night varied from home-made (both well-done and horribly) to super fancy, and they included a wide variation of characters. We had Captain America, Aurora, Minnie Mouse, Ana (from Frozen), and even a fallen angel! There were a good number of others as well, but those were my personal favorites. My girls loved handing out candy to all the kids, and in general, it was a really great time.

Now we're moving on to the holiday season though, and my girls are busy creating their wish lists for Christmas, which include an unimaginable variety of strange and wonderful things. So tell me, what's on your list this year?

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  1. The clown thing is crazy! A man got arrested just a few miles from my home for threats (dressed up as a clown)

    1. My thinking at this point is that anyone dressed as a clown in the middle of all that's been happening is asking for trouble. Better safe than sorry, right?

  2. The girls look beautiful and glad you had a great time! Hope the girls go as the Sanderson sisters next year. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie!!! LOL!

    1. So farJoey is sticking with wanting to dress as them, so we shall see. If they do, maybe I'll post it here again. 💜


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