Top Ten Tuesday: The Ten Best Candies Ever.

So, you guys know I love vloggers and am a huge fan of what YouTube means to the people who create their content on that platform. Maybe I'm even a little bit envious - I could totally see myself loving life as a vlogger. But videography is a whole different ballgame, and being as present as vlogging requires you to be is a big deal - bigger than I'm up for, maybe, although I do share a ton of photos on my Patreon page, usually with some sort of mini-blog/update.

Still, there are a ton of vloggers I love watching, and some of them even started out as bloggers. My most favorite right now is Sarah Rae Vargas; I've even mentioned her here before because I love her channel and how amazingly she's succeeded in her role as an entrepreneurial single mom. But like I said before, she started out as a blogger - so recently, when I got curious about her content and how she came to be what she is right now, I hunted through her site, found the first blog post, and started reading.

I love her voice and her style, her ambition, and her willingness to do whatever she can to move forward and provide the best possible life for her kids - I guess I relate. So when I saw this post on Sarah's site during my reading, I thought it might be fun to write my own version of it. That's why today I'm sharing my thoughts on The Ten Best Candies Ever.

1. Twizzlers. I think these are my number one favorite candy at the moment - the perfect mix of sweet and chewy. It's gotta be the original ones though, not those pull & peel ones that are all sticky. And definitely not the licorice ones. Yuck!

2. Tootsie Pops. These are an easy go-to for me, but I don't have them often because when they're around, it's like my self-control goes totally out the window. I don't like the chocolate ones though - they do not taste like chocolate to me. My favorites are the strawberry watermelon - closely followed by raspberry, cherry, blue raspberry, and grape.

3. Starburst. Starbursts are awesome candies, and the fact that they now come in minis that are already unwrapped just makes them even better. Top that with the idea that you can buy packs that come with only the reds and pinks, and ... well I mean really - it can't really get much better than that.

4. Raisinets. Yes, I know lots of people find them disgusting because they have raisins in them - and yes, I do have a friend who almost ruined Raisinets by suggesting that you might not always know if it somehow wasn't always a raisin buried in that chocolate (gag). But I don't know ... they're so good! Especially the dark chocolate ones. They are probably my go-to candy when I go to the movies, but I haven't been in ages.

5. Skittles. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't love Skittles; they're another one of those candies that's just the right mix of fruity and chewy and sweet. Too bad I can't get just the reds of those, huh?

I do like chocolate though too, so ...

6. Snickers. I love Snickers. Especially when it's frozen. Even if they bother my mouth sometimes because I was a dumb butt when I was younger and blew off having my wisdom teeth removed. And now that they've made Snickers in dark chocolate now? Oh, man. That's the stuff.

The other day, Josephine and I were in Walmart and we happened to notice the Snickers display - it was so funny because the wrappers all had different labels on them. Sarcastic, Know It All, Bossy, Rebellious, Whiny, Sleepy. There were more, and they were the. cutest. even if those particular ones didn't happen to be the dark chocolate ones.

7. Twix. When I'm in the mood for a different kind of chocolatey crunch, or when I'm giving my teeth a break from nuts (stop it, ya perv!), I go for Twix, which has always been one of my most favorite candy bars.

8. Rolos. Sometimes you want that chocolately caramelly deliciousness without any of the crunch, devoid of the saltiness of the nut (stop it, I said!). So that's when you turn to Rolos. These are the perfect little bite-sized morsel - I've recommended them here before too.

9. Lindor Truffles. In the dark chocolate of course, because there's hardly any other way to go - dark chocolate is simply the best. But I will say this, the caramel truffles are also utterly spectacular. They're the perfect candy to just pop in your mouth and wait til the chocolate outside melt away and the real magic happens (seriously?). I almost always have some of these around, and when I just NEED a chocolate fix, these tend to be where I go. Just one sets me straight again. Yummy.

10. Andes Mints. There's something magical about the combination of chocolate and mint that's just ... perfect. It's like these two flavors are mint to be together (you can't see me but I'm snickering), and Andes Mints have a truly unique way of finding the perfect balance between the two flavors. I also like that they're bite-sized, and that the rectangular shape makes them perfect melting on your tongue - that is, if you can leave them there long enough to let them melt.

So that's it, my top ten favorite candy treats. What are yours?

I had thought to skip today's "Featured Favorite Product," since the whole post is basically featuring my favorite products  ... but then I found this super cute mixed treat box on Amazon, and while I don't actually buy a lot of candy in general, I thought this would be a perfect thing for you guys to keep around for visiting grandkids, party favor treat bags, last-minute gift supplies, or for just when you need a sweet treat. Used in those ways, I imagine this box would last a while, and I love that everything comes in pretty much single-serve packaging - the grab-and-go setup also makes it perfect for doling out to my own kids without having to play the role of portion-police. What do you think?

I'm thinking this Candy Variety Box is gonna be a total all-around win for the girls and I! I'll probably even pick one up for them to hand out this year for Halloween, knowing that there's likely to be plenty left after for the kids to keep - and if it works out, I'll likely grab another to use for Easter Baskets and egg fillers next spring.

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