Woman Crush Wednesday: Alayna Fenderr

If you've been reading along this year, you'll remember a post back in January where I wrote about my oldest daughter as she crossed the divide into her teen years. I've had a couple of man crushes too since then, so I think it's high time I get myself a new woman crush, and who better to feature here than a certain woman I've been crushing on already for what feels like forever now.

You know those people who just feel like they're a perfect match for who you are? Those ones that are your kind of funny and your kind of smart and your kind of cool? The ones that are interested in what you're interested in - and who, while they might be different from you in some fundamental ways, are also such perfectly amazing people that they make your differences become something that no longer matters?

Wait, what?

Say that again?

You don't know those people?

Well, hang on - let me introduce you to one of them.

I don't remember how I first discovered Alayna Fender, or which of her videos was the first one I watched. But it didn't take long for me to fall totally in love with her sense of humor and how well she balances that humor with her more serious side. I went back to the beginning of her MissFenderr channel on YouTube and watched ALL of her videos, appreciating her sense of adventure, her willingness to be vulnerable - and yes, the ferocity with which she loves her cats.

Over the course of her career as a YouTuber, Alayna has been a lot of things: she's a beauty enthusiast with a knack for makeup, a yoga fanatic unafraid of taking time to make yoga fun, a meditation guru who loves introducing her audience to the subtle but undeniable power of mindfulness. She's a girl with weird sleep issues, a bisexual with a hard-won pride for who she is and how she lives, a vegan with interests in kindness, compassion, and taking care of the world we live in. Every now and then she's a gamer, and sometimes, she even pretends to be a cook.

Through her videos, I've laughed and cried, I've admired and envied, I've learned and loved and been entertained.

Most importantly, I've grown as a person, as a woman, as a mother, and as a content creator - in part, due to the things addressed and gone over through Alayna's content. She's adjusted so much of my conservative opinion, not through being pushy or rude or disrespectful, but just by being someone I can love despite the things that make us different, because of the things that make us the same.

Plus she's just utterly, undeniably cute. See? Look at her. Just look.

Image borrowed from Alayna's Instagram, which you should go follow.

And she likes books too? I can't even! Today, do yourself a favor and go check her out on YouTube - there's something for everyone there, from basic kindness to a great sense of humor, to a strong mind and a pretty face. (Plus, there's Dallas, and he's hilarious too.)
Today I'm sharing a trio of "Featured Favorite Products." The first, in keeping with the way Alayna's message of self-love and personal empowerment aligns with my own, I thoughts I'd share this book again: the Little Book of Mindfulness is full of short meditations you can use everyday to remind yourself that it really is worth it to stop and give yourself a moment of peace now and then.

The second product I'm choosing to feature today is strictly in honor of Alayna and how courageously she's living her true self as she grows and promotes her brand. This shirt made me immediately think of Alayna because it combines her LGBTQ+ pride with her her love of both cats and the simplicity of the color gray. And really Feline the Purride - that's just funny. I know she would love it, and she'd look at it and hold it up and do that smile thing with her eyes that makes her look like the most adorable little anime character ever created.

And then there's this set of totally cute salt-and-pepper shakers that I found while looking for an Alayna-themed product to feature. I don't know if she loves salt-and-pepper shakers as much as I do (seriously - how did this fact not make the list?), but I know she would love this set of kissing kittens in tea cups because how could anyone not? I mean really? They're cute, they're cats, there's tea ... figuratively speaking. And they kiss, just like Alayna's cats at the end of almost all of her videos. So cute they even made my collection wishlist on Amazon. Seriously, look how cute!

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Thanks for reading along and hanging out with me today - I hope you check out Alayna's YouTube channel, and that if you do, you'll take the time to leave her a comment and tell her Brandi Kennedy thinks she's amazing! I also hope you'll share this post with your friends so that other people can learn how amazing Alayna is, too!

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