Friday Fashion: Matching Mother-Daughter Dresses

Photo Credit: Southern Compassion Photography
My girls and I haven't had professional portraits done in about 8 years. I always wanted to do them though - like most women, I had big dreams of a home filled with photos of my family and loved ones. When I would get into Pinterest, I always loved the home decor stuff, the DIY stuff, and the gallery walls people created. I loved the appeal of perfectly arranged photos and how there was so much they could bring to a room - but more importantly, I loved the way those photo often expressed the love of a family. The way they had fun, the way they interacted. And yes, how fabulous they looked. Unfortunately, my partner didn't seem to feel the same way, and the years passed without the beautiful photos I wanted being taken.

Over the years, I took lots and lots of photos on my own, even getting pretty good at photography and editing after a while. (Fun Fact: Before I wrote my first novel, I spent some time actually taking photography gigs!) But since I was the one taking the photos, I was never featured in them.
I took this photo in August 2010, at one of our local parks.
It occurred to me often over the years that the girls and I could make time to go and have photos done if I really wanted to - just the three of us - but there was something about that idea that felt wrong to me. I think a part of me felt like it would be disrespectful to my kids's dad in some way ... so it just never got done.

But we aren't together anymore - and while there are a lot of hardships involved with ending a decade-long relationship, the honest truth is that there are definitely some benefits, too. Other than occasional bouts of sadness and missing their dad, the girls are healing and adjusting to the way things are for us now. We have more fun as a family, and we spend a lot less time walking on eggshells.
Photo Credit: Southern Compassion Photography
We also get to document our life together now in a way that I felt we couldn't before. So a few weeks ago I started quietly looking for a local photographer that would be in my price range, and I was overjoyed when I found one - Meranda Mowery, the sweetheart behind Southern Compassion Photography. I started following her around the web a little bit, checking out her work and scrolling through her Facebook page - where I found a surprise.

She was offering a deal. A contest. All you had to do to enter was ask your friends to head over and like her page, and then have them tag you in the comments of her contest post. The person who got the most people to do it would win a FREE one-hour photo shoot with her, after which the winner would be awarded with digital copies of all the best photos from the session.

And I won.

So toward the end of last month, my girls and I spent a whole day getting dolled up. I had bought matching mother-daughter dresses for us to wear together, I did our makeup, we fixed our hair. We even painted matching toes.
Photo Credit: Southern Compassion Photography
We played around in the park, laughing and making faces - and while I reminded the girls to "look pretty" and "take nice pictures," they celebrated the freedom of just being kids having fun in the park. Listening to the clicking shutter of the camera, Eden said she "felt like a famous person," and I couldn't help but laugh - especially while I watched Joey pose like a famous person!

It was really fun to wear our matching dresses too, and the kids thought it was funny to have people stopping us as we left the park after our session to tell us how cute we all looked together! It could only have been better if it wasn't so humid outside - by the end of our session, the girls and I were all sticky and just uncomfortable enough to be ready to be done.
Photo Credit: Southern Compassion Photography
In the end, a part of me wished for a while that we had gotten just a few more serious photos of the three of us together, but when I sat back and really looked at the memories the girls and I made during that photo shoot - well, these photos may not be serious, but they are beautiful and I am totally proud of how much fun my daughters and I had together.

And now that I can do this as often my finances allow, you can bet that there will be a next time! I'd do it every month if I could!
Today's "Featured Favorite Product" was super easy to decide on - I'm choosing to feature the dresses my daughters and I wore in our photo shoot! These dresses are lightweight and comfortable, true to size and pretty perfect in length (if you are of "normal" height - mine was a little too long because I'm quite short, and Eden's was a little short for her because she's a bit tall for her size). As you can see from our photos above, the Wennikids mommy and me maxi dress is brightly and beautifully colored - and while we chose to let our dresses shine on their own, these could easily be fancied up a bit with belts, sashes, shrugs, cardigans, or any fun style of summery jewelry.

My favorite thing? The dress comes in a huge range of sizes (all the way from a 1-2T for the babies to an XXL for the plus-size mommies), and it even comes in different colors, too! I can't wait to pick up a few more - not only to wear together with my girls, but just to wear because I loved how comfortable mine was.

Quick Disclaimer: Since I am using affiliate links here, remember that if you choose to click product links on my site and end up purchasing through them, I will receive a (very) small commission for referring you. Rest assured that this is at no extra cost to you, but my family and I appreciate your support. (If you'd like to see a list of other companies I'm currently working with, click here.)

Disclaimer #2: I bought this dress with my own money, and wasn't compensated in any way for this post. I'm just sharing it because I loved our dresses AND our photos.
If you're still here to read this part of the post, thanks for sticking with me! If you loved the photos or could relate to my excitement over finally getting to have some taken, make sure you let me know in the comments! I always love the chance to connect with my readers!

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  1. How beautiful you all look!!! I'm so glad you were able to not only have the photos you've been wanting done, but you had a fun girls day too! Congrats on the win and the awesome photos!!

    1. Thank you! It was a really fun time, and we're already looking forward to getting to do it again eventually.


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