Self-Care Sunday: Holistic Health With LoveBug Probiotics

So I've made no secret of the idea that this year I've been working to help my blog create an income that will pay for itself. It's been mentioned in all three of this year's Quarterly Goals posts (See #1 here, #2 here, and #3 here.), all of my Patreon-themed posts, and even the posts about the Influenster box I received to review earlier this year.

The little bit of income I've been able to pull in due to those efforts has been pretty cool, but here's another thing I've been loving: opening up the opportunity to work with other bloggers on post collaborations and with specific companies as an affiliate rep or brand ambassador. It has been really great watching my numbers grow (even if it's slow) and seeing this little website evolve into something more than just a place to store my thoughts and my journey - even the rebrand was fun for me, because now I feel like the look of my brand fits my writing, my themes, and my personality much better than it did before. Aside from that, the support of my readers has been incredibly encouraging, whether it's through a comment, a share, or a shout out on social media.

There are new things on the horizon though, which I've hinted about before and am now ready to get a little more in-depth on. Recently, I received an email that had me totally squealing in my chair at the dinner table with my family, mostly because I didn't seek it out - it came as a total surprise. And even better, it came on a day when I was feeling pretty discouraged, so it was the perfect pick-me-up. The email was an invitation to partner with LoveBug Probiotics as they launch their new lines; this would mean testing out and reviewing some complimentary products for you guys to read about, which I always love doing!

But as much as I love getting packages in the mail and having the chance to tell you guys about cool companies you might not have heard about yet, I don't want to just go promoting any old thing ... so here's what's going to happen:

This past week, I received my complimentary influencer box from LoveBug Probiotics - and how cute is that name, by the way? Bugs? Because probiotics are good bugs?

The thing is, LoveBug takes way more than their name seriously. They take their packaging seriously too - these bottles came securely packaged in a sleek and beautiful box - which is handy, since the bottles are actually glass! These bottles feel solid in your hands, just weighty enough to let you know you've found quality, and with beautiful bright colors that bring cheer to a subject not usually cheerful. Not only that - they're so tightly packed with cotton that you can't even shake the pills around inside - I'm 100% positive that when I open these bottles, I will find ZERO broken or damaged tablets.

My influencer box was stuffed with products from three of LoveBug's four adult product lines: Here's the Skinny, Colds Suck, and Yeast is a Beast. Each bottle holds a full 30 days supply too, which is handy because it means I can really give these products a full and fair try before deciding whether or not they work for me.

Each of these lines offer a different set of healthful benefits that end up working together in favor of whole-body vitality - LoveBug Probiotics promises superior probiotic strains with 15x more effectiveness, delivered via LoveBug's patented BIO-tract technology. This technology is meant to help keep the beneficial probiotic strains contained in LoveBug's supplements from being killed off in the stomach - before they can reach the places they're most needed and most effective. And as if that wasn't enough, the supplements are also formulated without so many of our typical dietary allergens: LoveBug's products are gluten free, yeast free, lactose free, sugar free, preservative free, and free of artificial colors and flavors.

And just to be sure you stay as impressed with their efforts to help you protect and improve the health of your gut as you are with their stellar presentation, LoveBug Probiotics are also non-GMO, packaged with organic cotton and made in the USA.

Oh, and they contain multiple probiotic strains - to make sure the ecosystem in your body stays diverse and healthy. You know. In case you were wondering.

But the thing I'm loving most about this company (so far - since I haven't actually tried them yet and these are just my first impressions) is that it's a woman-owned company, which strikes a chord deep in my injured little soul. I too, am a woman-owned company, and building the little platform that I'm standing on right now hasn't been easy. Declaring my independence from things that have happened to me and choices that I've made in the past hasn't been easy either, and the truth is, that process is actually a long way from finished,

But it's been worth it every step of the way, and so it's only right that the next step in my journey to mental health and life with PTSD is to begin paying more attention to my whole-body health. With that in mind, one of the reasons I was actually so excited to work with LoveBug Priobiotics was this: I actually have several health issues that I deal with on a regular basis, some of which could be boiled down to this one simple thing.

Now, I'm not saying probiotics are a miracle health cure (and neither is LoveBug, by the way), but I do agree with studies over the years which have labeled the gut as "the body's second brain." So much happens in our bodies in response to what we eat and how we process what we put into our bodies, from our foods and drinks to our vices and medications. The adult human body houses an average of 25 feet of intestinal tract (including both the large and small intestine), and this is major real estate in the body. Many of our hormonal reactions are dictated by gut health too - and these hormonal reactions help to control our mental health and other body functions. So it only stands to reason that if adding a probiotic supplement to my daily routine can help me with issues I deal with all the time ... then I should go for it.

That being said, once this post goes live, I'll be starting my regimen of supplements from LoveBug (I'm told it's fine to take all three product lines together, but I'm going to start with one for the first week, add the second for the second week, add the third for the third week, and then go on until the bottles are empty), and then once my products run out, I'll come back with a full review of how I felt and what changed for me while using the supplements. Here are the things I'll be watching out for:

Immune Health:
I suffer from a several silent health issues, many of which could be directly related to gut health. The most bothersome is silent reflux, for which I take Prilosec on a daily basis. This reflux also often leads (particularly when I forget the Prilosec) to several allergy-type symptoms in the sinuses and throat, so I'll be curious to see what can happen with my body under the influence of Colds Suck. Also, as the timeline here means that I'll still be taking these when my kids go back to school in August, maybe this extra immunity boost will help me get through that first influx of kid-germs without too many problems.

Urinary Tract Health:
I've had issues with this since I was a child, and I get kidney infections about once or twice a year, with enough regularity of symptoms and side effects that I can usually detect an infection early enough to flush it out myself - without needing to go to the hassle of seeing a doctor. Lately I've had more than just the usual pop-up trouble, so I'm hoping the Yeast Is A Beast line from LoveBug will really help straighten that out. I actually happen to have several other symptoms (such as itchy skin, joint pain, and headaches) that I hope will improve with better holistic bacterial balance.

Low Metabolism:
Just like any other woman, I'd love to drop some weight. Mostly, I've learned to tolerate, if not love, the skin I'm in - but if my body was healthier and therefore more able to process fuel into energy, I wouldn't exactly complain. And if a more efficient body means a slimmer or more toned silhouette ... well then, count me in! I make a point of not weighing myself because I usually find that it depresses and totally ruins my motivation to stay healthy, but after a month of Here's The Skinny, I will report on how I feel in regards to my metabolism, appetite, and general body feel, as well as any impact on the fit of my clothing. I'm also really looking forward to seeing whether this has any impact on my energy and focus levels, which are generally pretty abysmal.

I can't wait to see how these products work for me, and I'll be looking forward to coming back to let you know. Keep reading to check out how you can try this great product line, too.
Today's "Featured Favorite Product" is, of course, LoveBug Probiotics - so make sure you check out their entire line of products on Amazon - they even have prenatal supplements and supplements for kids. I love that LoveBug has the whole family in mind, and can't wait to see how things work out for me in the next few weeks.

Quick Disclaimer: Since the above link is an affiliate link, remember that if you choose to click product links on my site and end up purchasing through them, I will receive a (very) small commission for referring you. Rest assured that this is at no extra cost to you, but my family and I appreciate your support. Also, this is not a sponsored post - I was not compensated for this post or for my eventual review. I did, however, receive a complimentary influencer box of products to test. (If you'd like to see a list of other companies I'm currently working with, click here.)
Even though this is a partnered post between LoveBug Probiotics and I, I really am thrilled to be working with this company. Probiotics are well-known by now to be a healthful and beneficial addition to your daily routine, but I'm a single mom trying to get a business off the ground, so adding little things like probiotic supplements to my routine has always been something that had to wait for another time, and LoveBug's invitation to partner up for this review couldn't have been more timely! If you've tried LoveBug's products before, make sure you leave a comment below to tell me what you thought - and if you swear by probiotics, I'd love if you'd leave a comment telling me why. (and psst! If you're still reading this but not sure you're ready to invest, here's how you can try LoveBug for one month, FREE!)

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