Friday Feels: August

Ever since I started this segment two months ago, Friday Feels has been so fun to write up. (Read the full intro and the very first Friday Feels here; find the whole post series here.) With the depth and seriousness of most of my content and my focus on mental health and my life with PTSD, it's fun to take something as complicated as human emotion and carve it down to something as simple as this little list.

In the original Friday Feels post, the idea was to take ten feelings I'd been living with (and struggling through), list them out, and then share about what had me feeling those particular feelings. But then for the second post, I thought wanted to have a little more fun with it and also take the exploration of my own feelings into a deeper place. I didn't want to spend every month listing, "happy, sad, excited, angry, etc." - so I thought if I used totally random feelings, that would help me change things up a bit with each post.

Still, as unpredictable as I like to think I can be, I know me well enough to know that I'm not all that great with "random." I tend to stick with the tried and true, which would have made this kind of boring for all of us. To prevent that, for the last post I googled a random feeling generator, clicked on this page, refreshed it ten times, and came up with the feelings I used - which was perfectly random enough, and lots of fun. This month I repeated the process, and I came up with the following:

1. Anxious:
We've just wrapped the second week of school here, and it has been a rough time for me anxiety-wise. My van is still running but the transmission slips slightly more often than before, school supply lists were LONG and are still coming, class fees are being requested, and the specter of Christmas is looming closer again. My annual post office fee is coming due, too - and while I am managing to juggle things in a way that mostly works, that doesn't make it less stressful. One five-dollar splurge is enough to set things back in major ways for my little family, and the pressure to keep everything together and running smoothly wears on me. Worrying about failing to keep things together for my kids haunts my days and keeps me up at night - and worrying over that is hurting my ability to function in therapy, which keeps my PTSD symptoms high. I'm debating finally giving in and asking for medication after over 15 years of fighting it - despite the fact that this in itself is a source of anxiety for me because of previous experience with someone who abused medication often, and even overdosed in front of me when I was a teenager.

2. Disregarded:
Honestly, the aspect of my life that makes me feel most disregarded lately is ... motherhood. I'm a single mom, and my two daughters are 13 and 8 years old - so as you can imagine, with a pre-tween and a teenager, we have more than our fair share of estrogen flowing through the air, which often leads to waves and waves of hurt feelings and unintended insult. This flows in both directions, too; I'm a pretty human sort of mom, and I mess up a lot. Sometimes I don't see until things have already gone wrong that Eden's extra-hyper behavior is because we forgot to do morning meds or because she's anxious on the weekends when her dad is around - and then she ends up in trouble for acting-out behaviors that aren't necessarily her fault or her choice. Sometimes I don't realize Joey's extra sassy because she's feeling hormonal or because she had a spat with a friend or she's anxious on the weekends when her dad is around - and then she, too, ends up in trouble for acting-out behaviors that aren't necessarily her fault or her choice. I'm not always the best listener, because I have my own issues, too.

But like I said, it flows both ways - and when it flows my way, it's usually in the way Eden constantly interrupts me when I'm talking, or when I'll tell Joey some story or anecdote, only for her to pull an unseen earbud from her ear and hit me with the dreaded, "Huh?" Or it's in those moments when I'm saying things over and over and over and over and over and over again, with my kids totally acting like I'm not there and they can't hear me. It isn't uncommon for me to throw my hands up impatiently and ask, "Hello?? Did I go invisible again??"

To which, my children often don't reply - because the answer is yes.

3. Hostile:
One of my pet peeves is passive aggression and whatever that thing is called that makes people want to dangle things in front of others and then swoop them away again at the last second. Like, don't ask me if I want chicken or fish for dinner, and then listen attentively to my answer, only to tell me that we don't have any chicken or fish, so we're having tofurkey burgers. This is one of the fastest ways there is to piss me off - and not just in the food form either. So having to tolerate and endure frequent exposure to someone who has repeatedly done that to me definitely brings out my inner hostility. In general, I pride myself on being a nice person, on being likable and someone who can adapt to change and usually find some common ground to get along on - but I guess ... well, let's just say there are some people I'm praying extra hard for these days.

Also, I'm pretty pissed with HP right now, because the laptop I bought earlier this year keeps glitching out on me for exactly no reason at all and leaving me stuck using my old laptop - the one with the space bar that likes to do three or four or seven spaces instead of one. Today it totally crashed and HP tells me I'm going to need a hard drive replacement. Really, HP? Really? I AM NOT THRILLED, HP. NOT. THRILLED.

4. Intrigued:
The thing that has me most intrigued these days is RV's and everything about them. I've even been going out to local RV dealers and looking inside them - taking note of what I like and don't like about them. And why? Well, that's because I'm thinking once my girls are grown up and gone, that'll be the perfect time to buy one, live in it full-time, and use it to explore the U.S. Eden won't be eighteen for 10 more years, and by then we'll likely have also lost Chance ... I'll be on my own at that point (unless of course I'm not single anymore), and able to go exploring for long periods of time. And I can't wait.

5. Inquisitive:
Since the crashing of my computer was literally during the writing of this post, I guess the one thing I'm most inquisitive about at the moment is how I paid $48 for a damn 2-year service agreement which was supposed to protect me in the event that something happened to my laptop, and then when something DID happen to my laptop, HP gave me a choice between $25 and a two-week waiting/shipping time or $49 and an approximate five day turnaround for an in-home tech. So here's my inquiry - what the heck was my original $48 for?? What's it good for? What's it cover?

And how dare you ask if I want to know about all the other service plans you can offer me that'll waive all "future $25 fees," Mr. Heavily-Accented Middle Eastern Customer Shaft Rep ? I mean really, how bad DO you expect your products to suck, then? I bought an HP laptop because I needed a longstanding product with a strong name and a strong reputation. What I didn't need as a single mother was a strong company with weak ethics trying to nickel-and-dime me half to death over a product that didn't even last four months before it crashed.

6. Miserable:
Miserable. What a strong word, right? But perfect for a strong emotional state - the kind that becomes common when you live with PTSD and deal with significant depression on a daily basis. Depression isn't new to me; I've been living with it in various stages and forms for most of my life, often charged with putting aside my own issues for the sake of others close to me. Misery is so much more than sadness. It's a depth of unease, a spirit-deep sense of unbelonging, a nagging feeling of ... wrongness. I read something once that said SOMETHING ABOUT MISSING A PLACE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO - well for me, misery feels like not just missing that place, but having actually been there and knowing what you're missing. And maybe it's also a sense of knowing that you've been banned from that place.

7. Pleased:
Lately, the girls and I have been watching our way through Once Upon A Time together. We spent the last year or so watching through Gilmore Girls together with my kids's grandmother (their dad's mom), and after we watched the very last Gilmore Girls reboot episode, it didn't take long for us to start feeling the absence of that time we had grown to love spending together. We aren't just sit-down-and-watch-it kinds of girls - we often like to talk our way through movies and shows, pausing to explore the themes and lessons hidden within the plots, to dissect a bit of dialogue or talk through the meaning behind some pop culture joke. It's not uncommon for us to watch a scene several times just to get the depth of the nuances hidden in it. Makes us annoying for others to watch TV with, but this makes the experience richer for us in many ways, and we've had a really great time so far exploring our thoughts and feelings about life through the stories in Once Upon A Time. We've only just started the second season, and the girls both love it so far!

8. Playful:
What makes me feel playful? Music. Music is life for me; it's one of my favorite coping mechanisms when I'm stressed, one of my best friends when I'm lonely, and the place I can always go when I need to feel understood. But more than that, it's fun and freedom, it's dance and joy. It's play - and it's one of the best ways I know to turn a bad mood around. I even have a "Dance Mix" playlist that I use to get my body moving and my blood flowing when I need my spirits lifted.

9. Respected:
Lately, the place I've been feeling most respected is here. In the last few months, I've been approached by a couple of different companies interested in partnering with me, and that has been super flattering and totally validating. Working with LoveBug Probiotics has been a major thrill for me, especially because it wasn't an opportunity I hunted for - they came to me. It felt like a sign that I'm doing something right here, which was only confirmed by another offer from another company that I'm now totally thrilled to be working with. I'll be telling all about it soon ... but not quite yet. (Want a hint? Bet you can find one here.)

10. Serene:
Even with all the turmoil in my life these days, there's one thing that leaves me totally calm. Totally chill, as Josephine would call it. Totally cool, as Eden would say. So what is it?

My prayer life. Recently I watched a video a friend shared with me, and it was about trusting more completely in God, believing in His work in your life so fully that you can rest assured of His ability and willingness to give results. Not to say you should just quit working toward things or anything like that, but that when you're working, you're doing it with certainty of results to come. Like with this blog, like with accepting partnerships and publicly saying that I love being able to do that. Like writing a book, knowing that the right readers will see it at just the right time for them. Like mothering my kids and believing that I'm not the only one looking out for them, even when I feel like I am. That video changed my life, and I hadn't realized how much I needed to hear the words spoken in that video until I heard them. I sat on the front porch and listened, tears streaming down my face.

And I understand the serenity prayer a little differently now, too.

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