Thankful Thursday: Affordable Eyeglasses with Zenni Optical

Random fact about me? I have eye issues - a bunch of 'em. I'm farsighted, I have different astigmatism measurements in each eye (goes along with the different colors, huh?), and I have chronic issues with dry eyes that cause me to be pretty much blind from eye fatigue by the end of most evenings. I can see to walk and stuff like that, and can maybe watch a little TV or something ... but that's about it. No fine detailed stuff, no reading, nothing that needs me to be able to see details clearly.

So I have a pretty nice pair of silvery-purple-ish glasses that I wear daily, from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. They fit well, they look alright on my face, they aren't too heavy, they don't fall off. Oh, and I can see with them (Still can't read street signs from too far away though. Meh.).

But they were pretty expensive, so you can see where it would be irritating and highly inconvenient for me to begin noticing places on my cute little glasses that were always "dirty." Places that couldn't ever be really cleaned anymore. Places where that fancy li'l finish was rubbing off. Not good.

When one of the nose pads literally broke off and fell in my eye one night while I was watching YouTube, it became very clear that I needed new glasses -  I can't see to write without them. I can't see to read without them. And without my glasses, my knitting is going to be all kinds of jacked up.

But I needed them to be affordable too, since I'm currently sitting in the hardest financial place of my typical year. The girls just started school, which meant over $100 in school supplies that got tacked onto my usual budget, along with the little things the girls needed for school, like socks and stuff like that. And on top of that, the Christmas nuts have already begun their countdowns - did you know that as of this morning, there are now 123 days until Christmas?

123 days for this single mom to make magic happen again for kids who still love twinkle lights, the Elf on the Shelf, and Santa's Christmas miracles.

I even tried some nonprescription ones just to see if they would be good to keep around for "emergencies" - I bought a $20 pair from WalMart that sucked (flimsy feeling, maybe a little too strong? I got the +2.00 strength.) and a $1 pair from the Dollar Tree that also sucked (also flimsy, maybe no strong enough? I got the +1.75 strength that time. The sunglasses were okay though, I guess.) The thing was, even with totally discounting the correction I needed for my astigmatism, if +2.00 felt too strong and +1.75 didn't feel quite strong enough, what the heck was I supposed to do?

I needed a pair that matched my prescription for sure.

Thankfully, Zenni Optical had my back - and while this post isn't sponsored, I will be using affiliate links because you guys. Seriously. If you wear glasses, Zenni is absolutely the place for you. I'm not kidding - look:

So anyway, I needed new glasses - and while I was worried that they would suck as bad as the non-prescription ones, even I can part with $6.95, right? Zenni makes it easy for you to order what you want too, with lots of options for every budget. You can sort their merchandise by lens shape, frame size (did y'all even know glasses came in sizes?), color, tint, and even single or bifocal lens styles. You can sort male/female oriented styles, or you can shop them all to find what works best for you - and once you've found a pair you like, Zenni walks you through adding your own eye doctor's prescription to the glasses you're ordering! Once you've done that, you'll choose lens type and tint, and this is also where you'll have the option to add other cool features like anti-glare coating, UV Blue-Blockers, or polarization/photochromic transition.

Each additional option obviously adds to the price of your glasses and there's a wide range of pricing available for eyeglass frames as well, so there's no way to predict the final outcome of your order, but since it was my first go-round with Zenni Optical, I wanted to play it safe - I chose one pair of "Lightweight Metal Rectangular Glasses" (frame #461821, if you want some for yourself) for just $6.95, added my prescription, and kept everything as basic as possible to save cash. I skipped all the extras I could possibly skip (except for the standard anti-reflective coating for $4.95), finalized the order, and checked out with a total of $16.85.

Seriously. Sixteen dollars and eighty-five cents for brand new glasses that fit my face, match my prescription, and look pretty good?

So obviously, I was pretty sure they'd fall apart as soon as I looked at them - or at least they'd feel like they were gonna.

But they didn't.

The glasses came wrapped loosely in a little cleaning cloth, tucked into a hard case in a very pretty aqua color, which was in turn tucked into a bubble envelope to keep everything safe during the mailing process.

And you guys. They work. I can't tell any difference at all between my Zenni's and my other lenses, except that these are new and as yet undamaged by daily wear. They feel solid in all the hinges and joints, and the only thing I wasn't too sure about was the actual arm part that sits over the ear. Those definitely felt flimsy to me at first - if you hold them out, you can twang them like those little things that used to always be behind your bedroom door. But duh, they're pretty much unbendable unless you're really trying, which I'm not.

I've worn them daily for a little over a week now, and I'm in love. Pretty sure I won't be buying lenses from anywhere else in the near future - and I love that if I should need or want a new pair of glasses anytime soon, I can get them without breaking the bank.

But in the meantime? The next treat I get myself will be a pair of fresh new prescription sunglasses - from Zenni, of course.
Today's "Featured Favorite Product" is obviously anything from Zenni Optical - I'm still amazed with my glasses, super thrilled with how affordable they were, and totally can't wait to pick up a pair of sunglasses that actually have my prescription in them. Another idea I've bee thinking on is to grab myself a set of glasses with Zenni's Beyond UV Blue-Blocker lenses - they're supposed to help protect your eyes from computer (and other screen) fatigue, so I'm wondering if I'd have less evening issues with the added protection.

In the meantime, if you wear glasses (or love someone who does), definitely head over to shop up-front low prices on prescription glasses at Zenni Optical, with frames starting at just $6.95!

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  1. I love zenni optical it's the only place I get my glasses. Sometimes they are a little different sizes than I expect but you can't beat the price.

    1. For sure! I was amazed at the prices - and I like that if I'm paying close attention to the sizes of the frames I buy, I can adjust over time to end up with what will hopefully be a perfect fit!


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