Thursday Thoughts: New School Year, New Schedule?

Back to school. Three words that drive anxiety deep into the hearts of mothers (and some fathers too, I imagine) all over the country. Three words that send teens everywhere into fits of grunting and pouting.

Three words that quite literally FILL me with bliss.

Summers are hard on me, they always have been. I'm too hot, everything is sticky, I have even more trouble sleeping than usual, and my kids are BORED. They ordinarily like each other pretty well and are generally great kids, but by the end of summertime, they can't stand each other and all they do is bicker with each other over everything.

Yeah. It's a hectic time.

But my girlies go back to school next week, and I am so looking forward to being able to finally carve out some time for myself that ISN'T reserved for showering and sleeping.

With the end of summer gearing up and the kids getting excited about going back to school, in addition to some challenging changes in our personal lives, I've been struggling quite a bit lately - and the fact that I'm currently battling a major increase in my PTSD symptoms is not helping.

PTSD sucks. But whether I like it or not, in a lot of ways, PTSD determines my reality. Which means ...

I'm Going Through Changes - and so is my writing schedule.
I haven't worked out all the details just yet - I'm still picking and choosing what works for me and what doesn't, and I suspect those details will continue to be adjusted in the coming weeks. But for right now, I can tell you these things:
  1. My blogging schedule will not be affected. I'm still planning to keep writing here every third day all the way up until the new year, so no worries there. This blog is such a release for me, and I love the messages I get from people who are reading here! I'm also excited to be able to mention that while I'm still taking and loving LoveBug Probiotics, I'm also currently working on a REALLY cool collaboration with another company I'm looking forward to telling you about soon.
  2. My Patreon page is changing up again, but I think I've finally got the kinks worked out. I love how it's set up now, as I feel like it's much more true to who I am and what I want it to accomplish. It's more laid back, both for my subscribers and for myself, and it allows me to use the things I post there in a more free way. Which means ...
  3. Expect new fiction from me soon, available on all the major e-book markets. Expect non-fiction too. And while I'll still be writing the romance I love and the undaunted honesty of this blog ("love stories and lifestyle," right?), I'm also going to be trying something a little new that I'm pretty excited about, so stay tuned for more on that.
Today's "Featured Favorite Product" is this back to school supply kit I found on Amazon. I haven't gotten all of our school supplies yet even with knowing the girls will be going back soon - because in our school district, it's not uncommon for the school to release a $40-60 item list full of things the kids say they never use, and then have the teachers themselves send home $25-40 more in item requests. This year I'm waiting until I get specific lists from my kids's teachers - but I'm willing to bet these items will be on those lists:

Pencils, pens, erasers, whiteboard markers, highlighters, glue, and portable glue sticks all in one box? Now that's what I call one-stop shopping - and right now this little box is just $15.99! Looks like a great way to stock up on the supplies I know we'll be needing, and if I get two of these bad boys, I'll also have Amazon's free shipping (on orders over $25)! Sweet!

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