Works For Me Wednesday: Skin Care With Avon's Anew Micellar Water

So I turned thirty-three this year, and while I'm still generally fresh-faced and decent-looking, I am quite well aware that my face is not a fresh fifteen anymore. Still, even though I'm not wrinkly just yet, and I'm still a long way from my mother's own Grandmother-Willow-esque appearance ...

I have noticed that in recent years, there's been a certain sneaking-in of little subtle things. The appearance of very fine, almost-not-even-there lines around my eyes when I smile, a slight deepening of the smile lines to either side of my mouth. There's a general darkening and thinning of the skin below my eyes, and I often look ... well, tired.

To be frank, it's probably because I am tired - and while some of it is a general proper tiredness that comes from being a thirty-three year old single mother to two very busy girls, there is a good portion left over that comes from being a single mom living with PTSD, the remnants of dissolving an incredibly toxic relationship, backing away from toxic "friendships," and having pretty much my entire life totally remake itself over the last couple of years.

There have been a lot of good changes, and there are things that are getting better. But the stress and the effort it takes to make the necessary changes ... well, it's taking its toll. And all that to say this: I think it's time I get myself on a skin-care regimen - because while my mother definitely has her moments of being pretty cool, I am in no hurry to take on the appearance of a sprightly but incredibly aged willow tree. So ...

Skin care regimens can get pretty complicated though, right? Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize ... scrub your skin halfway off with that creepy Clairsonic thing ... lifts and peels and serums ...

Honestly, there's like ninety steps in the process to having a flawless face - and unfortunately that's about ninety more steps than this busy mom has time for, especially with PTSD clogging up my life and making even the barest leg-shaving shower sometimes look like an insurmountable feat.

Ain't nobody got time for that, right?

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Fortunately, I'm just in time to jump on the micellar water bandwagon, which is handy because my cousin happens to be an Avon rep, and when we talked about this a few weeks ago, she had just tried Avon's Anew Micellar Cleansing Water for the first time. Now here's the thing though - my cousin Dana has the kind of gorgeous porcelain skin that's super sensitive to chemicals and reactive to just about anything. She's pretty careful these days about what she puts on her face, and she definitely had the jump on me as far as getting into creating a skin-care routine - so between that boosting my trust in her judgement and the fact that I've used and loved other Avon products in the past, I was pretty confident that I had found my skin-care miracle.

Also, I think it's really cool that she's gotten into Avon and is using it to create a small business for herself, and I love having the chance to help support her business-building by using products I genuinely love (like this waterproof eyeliner that actually stays where I put it) - even if some of them have been a little hit-and-miss for me (like this conditioner that just wasn't moisturizing enough for my thirsty hair).

Anyway, I know my cousin will tell me the truth about products that can make or break my face, so I waited to see what she honestly thought of this cleansing water before picking some up for myself, and it didn't take all that long to get the go-ahead - her sensitive skin loved Anew's Micellar Cleansing Water, which was all I needed to know to give me confidence that my more hardy combination skin might love it too.

While waiting for my order to come in (Did y'all know you can order Avon products online now, and have them sent right to your door? Because you can!), I headed over to Amazon and picked up a bulk order of about 400 round cotton pads, because with confidence in Dana's recommendation, I had gone ahead and picked up about three bottles of cleansing water (Can you blame me? It was on sale for almost half off!). The order didn't take all that long to come in, despite there being a slight snafu with shipping, and that first night I got right to it with a cotton pad dampened with Anew's Micellar Cleansing Water.

You guys. Seriously. That was the night the girls and I had our portraits taken for the first time in years, and I had a full face of makeup when I started. Avon's Anew Micellar Cleansing Water took off eye shadow, mascara, BB cream, the works. It was almost cold because I'd had it stored in my bedroom until opening, so that was a really soothing sensation against my skin, and I loved that it didn't burn when I accidentally swiped the pad too close and got it in my eye. It didn't leave my face feeling heavy, didn't leave any sort of annoying residue on my skin, and I didn't wreck the bathroom counter with water - because Micellar Cleansing Water doesn't need to be rinsed off. You literally just pour a little on a cotton pad, rub that sucker all over your face (even around the eyes), and throw the grime in the garbage.

Now that's my kind of skin-care.

I'm pleased to say that I've been using Avon's Anew Micellar Cleansing Water for a couple of weeks now, and even though it's recommended for twice-daily use, I'm just doing it each night before bed. It hasn't caused me to break out at all, my skin has woken up and brightened quite a bit, and I love that the weird dry spot just below my right eye has now healed and disappeared entirely (this spot used to require twice-daily use of a night cream that broke my skin out, forcing me to trade one problem for another). It's working well for Josephine's hormonal teen skin too, and I love that letting her use this means I'm not constantly reminding her to coat her face in acne-fighting chemicals that may or may not be doing more harm than good. Her face is so much happier now - and she's happy to have happier skin!

Now and then I'll even do my face early enough to give Eden her own little micellar-soaked cotton round - she loves how grown-up it makes her feel, and I love that she's not using anything harsh on her skin.

Another thing I love so much about it is since you just need a little to get the job done, it'll last a long time, which means the slightly intimidating full-price cost (it's $12 plus shipping for a 5-ounce bottle) doesn't hit me quite as hard. I'm so glad I stocked up while this product was on sale - and now, you can too! It's currently just $6.99 a bottle, which is a 40% price cut! I'm nowhere near running out yet, but I'm definitely planning to grab a few more bottles to take advantage of the steal!

Have you tried micellar water yet in your own skin-care routine? If so, what did you like or not like, and what's your favorite brand?

Today's "Featured Favorite Product" is another product I've mentioned here before, but I'm sharing it again because I still totally love it and it fits perfectly with the topic at hand. I love peel-off masks for my face, and doing masks together has been one of the cool things I've enjoyed using to bond with my girls. Our favorite is still this cucumber peel-off mask from Freeman Feeling Beautiful that we found at our local Food City but now order direct from Amazon - we love how cooling it is, how well it works, and how totally happy our skin feels after using it! I've also tried several other masks from this brand as well, and I've loved every one I've tried, which is why I so highly recommend this:

Clicking the photo above will take you to a full-size variety pack (also on Amazon) that comes with our favorite mask and three others for just over $15, which is a great deal when you're looking for an affordable way to show yourself a little love - especially if you're a single mom like me and you're celebrating the fact that your kids going back to school means you can actually take a shower in peace for the first time in ages.

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  1. I LOVE this stuff! It is a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one convenient step. And, it doesn't bother sensitive skin, or leave your face feeling oily like other moisturizers do sometimes.

    1. That's my favorite part - I hate the feeling of stuff left on my skin so much that I don't even like to use lotions unless I HAVE to. But this stuff doesn't do that at all - I love it!


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